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DiGi Year End Sale also got meh???

You guess it right guys and girls! It's still on although we already at the year of 2014

As a medium to say goodbye to 2013 and appreciation to all the DiGizens out there, DiGi Year End Sale (Since the end of 2013) is about shopping, shopping, and shopping. But sad because you can't fill your stomach with all the delicious food, and instead please do not worry, you still got to fill your satisfaction with rewards by DiGi to us.

With DiGi awesome offers and plans, you got to rewards yourselves, loved ones and even your grandmas with FREE smartphones, FREE tablets, FREE internet and FREE calls! Can't you see those 4 BOLD FREE words? Please tell me you don't like free things...

I also like free things... Well, there is a history between me and DiGi

This is a story of a DiGi user Thank You from me to DiGi

Dear DiGi

Thank you, thank you and and have a great 2013 thank you sale!

Firstly, as a DiGi user, my thank you to DiGi because it is my first Sim Card and Telco since i'm in SPM (2004 if i'm not mistaken) until 2013.
I just noticed that i've been loyal with DiGi for at least 10 years already. A DECADE!! Can i get any Jublee gangsa here??? Hehehehe

Secondly, my first blogging event since i've finished my study is also by DiGi for Sony Ericsson W8 launching at Mist Bangsar also thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity.
This first event is the place, that i know the blogging world and get to know a few and later will be, a lot of bloggers as my friends.

Tidak Percaya??? Cannot believe??? Well... The link below might tell you the story...

Thirdly, my first winning smartphone is also from DiGi! My first SMARTPHONE wei! A Sony Ericsson W8 that i've reviewed before.

Tak percaya lagi?? Tengok link kat bawah ni

Fourthly, my first winning with DiGi on FACEBOOK. Yes you read it right. Facebook! Is also with DiGi
Well, in 2013, i still winning a few of the prize with DiGi.
Secret? You just got to be creative in writing up the slogan.

Fifthly, my first "Fasting" and "Buka Puasa" session is also with DiGi with a little bit luck to be able review HTC Sensation on the Buka Puasa event.

Six, my first visit to DiGi HQ although on OctoberFest TweetUp, but my fully visit for 3 days at DiGi HQ is one in a lifetime experience as a blogger is for DGInsideJob 3 days.

Well, we're able to get a hold on Iphone4S for the first time before it is sold Nationwide and able to meet Sixth Sense, see the signing contract with Kelantan F.A. and event to meet with the higher ups in DiGi such as Mark, Sulin Lau and many more. Even the big guns who owns DiGi a.k.a the Chairman itself.\

Seven, my first blogging CASHOUT thanks to DiGi for the DGInsideJob. This is the first time, i taste the feeling of what it is as a blogger and the incomes we can get.

Eight, my first ever creating a short video is also for DiGi FanDroid using Android apps. I used the MHMobile apps with my brother as a supporting actor since at the same time of recording, he is going back to study at UNIMAS Sarawak.

Nine, my first winning through TWITTER. Yesssss you read it all right. I've won trough FB before but now it's from twitter itself with DiGi!
And also, i got to meet 1 of my favourite artist that i adore for his singing and songs, AIZAT AMDAN!
And the best is, i got to bring 3 of my friends to spent 6++ hours with Aizat Amdan.

Awesome isn't! Thank you DiGi!

Tenth, my first time ever entering the DiGi WWWoW awards and watch it live, is also with DiGi

Eleventh, my first ever SMARTPHONE from Samsung, bought by myself with DiGi, is Samsung Galaxy S3.
The smartphone that i bought after saving lot of money and with the help of my father for sponsored, i was able to get Samsung Galaxy S3 with the cheaper price at RM999 by converting my DiGi simcard from Prepaid to Postpaid.

Thank you DiGi for the awesome SALE price and also to my beloved father for the sponsored.

twelfth and lastly, Thank you DiGi and my twitter friends, also a winner in DiGiBuddyz that i'm able to meet 1 of the biggest name in Malaysian artist and film, Shaheizy Sam at the shooting location for a new TV Series season on Astro "DiGiBuddyz".

Best Regards, from your loyal DiGi Postpaid subscribers.

Thank you DiGizens for the amazing sale!

 DiGizens ThankYou

So what are you all waiting for?? Go and grab the rewards since it is for LIMITED Time only!


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