My 1st @NuffnangMY Cashout

by 2/11/2012 12:30:00 PM 3 Pengkritik
Tanx to Nuffnang & DiGi especially for the earning for being the #DGInsideJob that i manage to cashout it

Since this is my 1st earning, i hope in the future for more better earning.. Ehem2... Tanks Nuffnang, been with them for 3 years already and only in 1 years i've started to be actively with them joining many events and activities.

This is not the exact amount of money, since it is deducted

So the real amount of cash receive till end of January is

Any tips to earn more earning??? But from Nuffnang said n more experience bloggers said, pageviewers must be 50 and above every day.

Happy Saturday U'Olss!!!


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An Engineer, Lifestyle Blogger, A Freelance Photographer, Traveller, Food Hunter, and A Dad To Be.

3 Pengkritik:

Posh said...

Cayalah!!! Blehla blanja Chatime hihihi....

me suya said...

yup..Uv kena maintain.. hehehe syukur la jugak since masih mampu cash out every month even xbnyk

Zarul Umbrella said...

best2..buat saya bersemangat utk berblog-sakarang nak target dapatkan advetorial plak

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