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Alhamdulillah, bersyukur kepada tuhan yang maha esa kerana teman terpilih mengikuti ala² internship tapi for 3 days only from 14 - 16 December 2011 kat Digi Headquarters yang terletak di Subang Hi-Tech. We are not only selected, but also b given salary for going day... How much?? No need to know laa...

What is DGInsideJob actually???

Got the picture of it??? Well... 5, 6 actually of us are selected to join this DiGi The Inside Job. Who is the luckiest 6 people's on board???

So what are we doing there for 3 days??? Just having fun??? Havocking DiGi HQ with our laughter and mischievous deeds??? Nahhhh... This is what we got to do for the 3 days as interns

DiGi Technology Operation Centre (TOC)

Day 1 is mostly about exploring what is DiGi, the culture, the environment especially at DiGi D'House and TOC. Will update later on the #DGInsideJob Day 1

Day 2 continue with the Unboxing of Iphone 4S at D'House and we are 1 of the luckiest person in Malaysia with Obefiend to unbox it and try it 1st hand before others does (Except for those already buy it outside Malaysia).

Beside that, there is this story where not all of us knew, the story behind the yellow Fat DiGi mascot.

We also go for the launching of Iphone 4S at Solaris Mont Kiara to see the 1st person bought it where he waited from 5pm just to get it exclusively as the 1st buyers.

On the 3rd and last day of our interns, we were feeling lucky like when u trying to search on google and click on feeling lucky today, to see the signing of new contract with the Kelantan F.A, taking picture with Sixth Sense and seeing, talking and asking several question with Chairman of Telenor Group, the chairman of DiGi. How awesome is that!!!

Want to know more??? Wait for the next post. Oh by the way, choose DiGi as your choice of Telco coz you might not know what they have to offer to you.

Itulah sebanyak sedikit pesanan dari pihak penulis yang ditaja. Harap anda suke dan sabar menanti cerita 3 hari d D'House DiGi Headquarters bersama #DGInsideJob


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