HTC Sensation : A Closer Look

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After a week of USM convocation, i've finally been able to type a review on the HTC Sensation that i've recieved during "Buka Puasa at The Bee with Nuffnang and DiGi" (Post will be updated later)

Since i've received several comment on the handphone review of my new Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman especially to post it also in english, and the result will be, 2 different type of language will be used for the HTC Sensation. 1 in Bahasa Melayu, n another will be in English. Since this is the 1st review on HTC sensation, it will be in both language.

p/s - Kiranya ini macam subtitle la bagi korang yang susah skit nak paham BI teman yang complicated ni. :P

Before i move on to the specifications of HTC Sensation, enjoy the promo video of HTC Sensation and what all of those gadgets and handphone lovers will expected from it.

Sebelum teman cerita lebih lanjut tentang HTC Sensation ni, jom tengok sneak peak kemungkinan yang korang akan dapat daripada HTC yang teman usha kat tenet.

p/ss - Alih Bahasa ke Bahasa Melayu akan dibuat pada review seterusnya

Source : HTC

Size : 126.1mm x 65.4mm x 11.3mm 4.96" x 2.57" x 0.44"
Weight : 148 grams (5.22 ounces) with battery
Display : 4.3-inch touch screen
Screen : 109 mm (4.3")

Enough of how the HTC Sensation looks like, now lets roll on to see what does it offers on the specifications

 Waittt!!! The above is only just an intro of what the HTC Sensation offered, but yet, there is more on the specifications that will amazed you, Yaaa... YOU!!! The person who read this post.

Let us discover it together on the awesomeness of HTC Sensation Specs



Dream to see more of the HTC Sensation??? Wait for my next review where i will show on the camera and picture quality, the application and the secret HTC Sensation has that not all of us realized it.

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sarzli said...

Sensation : panas,hang,kuat makan bateri,skrin problem

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