DiGi Android : Flying Is Now Easy With MHmobile

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DG Fandroid Contest does not end with the early post only

But it also comes with a bonus round
Ever wonder how you will utilize the apps brilliantly and conveniently with Android and your smartphone???

Here is how Flying is Now Easy with MHmobile
So what is the story about???

When a Putrajaya boy wanted to go back to UNIMAS to start a new semester, with ticket not bought yet, come the mysterious yellow man to the rescue. With the helped of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Smartphone, Flying is now easier with MHmobile.

N with smarter choice of DG Smart Plan & DG Internet, online through mobile is now easier. Booking & Check-in online is now easier with the help of android apps, no worry anymore for flight to Sarawak.

No hassle to bought the ticket at the counter where check-in at the gate is easier with just a scan of code.

With MHmobile, Flying is now easier.
N who is the person behind the yellow mysterious man???

So you got the roughly idea of how the short story video goes on, n now, the story behind the filming of DG Android

It just a coincidence that during the contest period, is during the week that my brother is going back to Sarawak for his new semester at UNIMAS after a month of semester break.

With his new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus that initially for my mother, we got the idea to used it and exactly at the time of filming this video, my mother also decided to go for a holiday stroll at Sarawak on this 1st Mac.

So, me and brother decided, why don't we do a video on the full utilization of MHmobile by booking trough online for my mother and father and lastly check-in online on the day my brother going back to Sarawak by Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Me, as the mysterious yellow man, with help of my mother on the added value of idea by cutting trough papers for DiGi logo just to stick on the FAM logo of my Malaysia Football sweater. and with the help of props such as the MAS airplane model, my brother student ID, a planner, it all goes well according to wat i planned in my head.

It all was done in a 1 day shooting only at my house and on the way to the airport, KLIA to send my brother.

No rough plan on paper, no drawing plan, just a plan keeping in my head for about a weeks before it is done for shooting. And even the initially plan for the intro is actually a different intro where the changes are made on that moment at that time after reconsidering of the excitement on how the intro will expand the storyline. It all done and changes in a less than half a day for shooting video.

Lastly, i would like to thank Allah the Almighty for giving me the chance, the idea, the inspiration n the determination to finish the video in time and even updated it to become a better short story. Thanks also to my mother for helping and advised on how the songs should fit in with the video. And also thanks to my brother for being a supportive actor helping me finishing the video. And also not forget my father, no driver, no brother going to airport laaa.
 Hopefully Nuffnang & DiGi will choose my video as winner of the contest and hence, bring back home the Samsung Galaxy SII. Insyaallah, Aminnnn


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