HTC Sensation : Dirty Little Secret

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Trivia For This Post

Did you know that beside those exciting applications, widgets and the features HTC Sensation offered, there is also few secrets that not all of us realized when using it???

Before we move on to the trivia concerning the little secret, for those who still new and want to know more about HTC Sensation can refer on to the link below.

A Closer Look
More Than Meets The Eyes
So Sensation

Trivia #1 - Did you know that HTC Sensation also has almost the same function as during startup on PC or Laptop???

Trivia #2 - Did you know that if you can't find your HTC Sensation (In simple words, forget where you put it) you can always search it through HTC website???

Trivia #3 - Did you ever knew that there is free navigation map on HTC Sensation???

Trivia #4 - Did you know that there is a hub where u can update your widgets, theme and many more just for free???

Ok... Enough of the Trivia, lets roll on and discover what HTC Sensation little secret all about

Question 1

Usually, when we open windows or in simple words, open the PC/Laptop, we will eventually brought up to a command prompt screen where there is various choice from enter del to prompt up to setup screen and etc.

Sincerely, this secret i found accidently while i was still sleepy head and suddenly woke up without thinking anything and straight ahead to my HTC Sensation.

What did i see after accidently tap the on button of HTC Sensation??? I were brought in to a prompt screen where many choices ranging from

  • Reboot
  • Format
And many more to begin with. Syukur i did not do something idiot that might ruin my time with HTC Sensation.

p/s - This is a 1 shot time i did it. Until now, i still can't figure it out how to get back into that screen again. Any idea readers or gadget/HTC breakers???

Question 2

Lose your HTC Sensation?? Forget where you put it either in the car or left at your friends house???

No need to worry about, as it can be solved by a click of link. How?? Just click the link below.

HTC Sense

With the help of HTC Sense website, i can meet again with your HTC Sensation without any drop of tears except for those lose it to snatch thief, i'm sorry, but you still can do either 2 choice, or both. To terminate it by erase or lock the device. Seems fair enough??

Wanna know more about the application on the website??? Try it for yourself.

Question 3

Need a navigator to show you where to go??? Lost your way to find your friends??? Doesn't have enough credit to open any GPS on the map in your smartphone??? Don't want to exceed your credits because of hidden chargers when open the internet on your smartphone???

Discard your worries with HTC Sensation "Locations" application. Just download your map location via wireless internet, and walla!!! There you have it, an easy way to use your gps without any hidden internet charges. Still can't see how it is done??? Just see the video below.

p/s - In this video, i've already downloaded the map

Question 4

Bored with the same theme over and over again??? Want to change to a different theme or download new widgets and applications by HTC???

With "HTC Hub" and "HTC Likes", new themes, new widgets, new applications can be obtained just by a click through the HTC market. Wanna see how??? Let the video show it all

That's all folks for the review of HTC Sensation sponsored for 2 weeks by DiGi, HTC and Nuffnang. Did you like my review??? What's your comment about it???

Hopefully i will be the winner for the best review... Insyaallah... Pray for me, and i pray for you guys winning to... Aminnn


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