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We meet again folks, Assalammualaikum, salam sejahtera and salam 1 Malaysia

Did you miss the 2 reviews of HTC Sensation before??? Or lazy to click on the post below... Well ladies and gentlemens, just click on the link below to discover what you should know about HTC Sensation

As mention on previous post, this post will cover on the others features, applications, widgets and many more offered by HTC Sensation.

We already discuss on the specs and the camera functions offered by HTC Sensation, but there is more then the camera that make it so sensational.

  • Active Lockscreen
  • Personalized Homescreen
  • Better Web Browsing
  • HTC Watch
  • Immersive Experience
  • Transfer
  • Intelligent Ringer
  • Reader
Wanna experience more of this??? See this VC where it explains more on what HTC Sensation has to offered

Ok... See enough??? Now see more of my experience using HTC Sensation, a brief on my usage through HTC Sensation

Before i move on to my brief review on HTC Sensation, let us see another 2 video clip on why HTC Sensation should be in your hand and your pockets

Not enough of this video??? Next video might amazed you and make you feel wanna go and rushed to the Handphone stores to get 1.

Ok... Enough of the teasers just to get you all go and buy it either from DiGi or at any retailers. Now, let see what i'm about to say on HTC Sensation

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

On the final part of the review post, i will share with you all the dirty little secrets behind HTC Sensation that not all of us are aware of...

So what's your comment after reading my review???


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2 Pengkritik:

Wadi AR said...

ni HTC name chacha tu ke?

putra87­™ said...

xla.. HTC chacha ada button FB kat bawah dia... Ni HTC Sensation... Adik beradik HTC Evo

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