HTC Sensation : More Than Meets The Eyes

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Assalammualaikum, Salam Sejahtera N Salam 1 Malaysia

For those who are still new in learning and discover HTC Sensation from my blog, and can't catch up with the earlier review can try and click the link below

And now, we headed on to the next review, that is 1 of the main features of HTC Sensation

Trivia #1 - Do you aware that most of the Handphone, either touchscreen or touchpad need to tap the camera capture button on the phone body??

I think most of the users are aware of the tap camera capture button

Question #1 -What so special about the HTC Sensation capturing system compared to others handphone camera???

8 megapixel color camera - Auto focus and dual LED flash 
Front camera - VGA fixed focus color camera

Without any further, lets see few of the picture i've captured using HTC Sensation and believe me, it's just like using a DSLR or Compact Camera but with a little less adjustment on it.

Sharp picture ain't it???
Ain't got enough of it??? There is more to come, but before that, let us see a video on how the camera works on HTC Sensation just like the trivia above.

"The moment you press the button, is the same moment you take the picture"

Is the video explain to you enough??? If not, why don't we see some of the pictures i snap using HTC Sensation and the features the camera has

Potrait scene
Close Up Scene
From my house after several tweaks in adjustment from exposure, sharpness, saturation and contrast
Vintage Effect
Vignette Effect
Glimmer Effect (Effect adding after capturing)
Greyscale effect
 I think it's enough with all the pic using several scene and effects in the HTC Sensation camera. So you wanna see more??? Go and buy it fast!!! or just borrowed it from your friends.

But Wait!!! There is more than the camera for HTC Sensation to offer. HTC Sensation also can record and support video up to Full HD... Can't believe it?? See it for yourself with the video below.

Eager to own it?? Or wish to have 1 of the HTC Sensation in your hand?? Try DiGi Smart Plan for better deals. See picture below for details.


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