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It all started just not less than 6 month ago since i'm active back in blogging world and nuffnang of coz.

Since then, i've been winning many and lots of attractive prizes at my hand such as the DiGi Sony Ericsson W8 where i'm the winner in reviewing it.

It all begin with a single invite to the DiGi Sony Ericsson W8 media launch at Mist Club on 5th of July 2011. The 1st ever Nuffnang event i've joined since exposing and typing in this cyber world of blogging 3 years ago and joining the community around 2 years ago.

But before we hear the stories, let's know a little bit about the sponsor behind all the events, the prize, the premiere screening tix, the free tix and many more that i've won and invited, that is,

Nuffnang, Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community.

 Do you know???

"Nuff Nang" is a Jafaikan word that means "Real Good or Real Cool." was launched on 27th Feb 2007 and within the first 3 days, had signed up 300 bloggers.

Ok. just a little info about the sponsor. Now, let's get back to the story. 

Once Upon A Time as Nuffnangers

Like i told yaa all in the intro, the 1st ever Nuffnang event i've join since signing up with Nuffnang 2 years ago is

During this lauching, i've met several nuffies and DiGi Angels such as Fazrol, Kak Ina KL Sons a.k.a her manager and few others. And at this event also, it is my 1st time, been given the chance to review the new Sony Ericsson W8 for 2 weeks. And guess what??? I'll give you the answer at the end of the post.

It never stops right there. Honestly, the media lunch is my 1st Nuffies event i've joined since dissapearing almost a year in blogging world due to study reasons and no idea to wrote on. Since i've finished my studies in USM around Jun 2011, i've started to be active in joining blogging world, and the media launch is the 1st i did actively started to blogs.

Since then, the film started to roll on caption by caption, part by part, saga by saga and each event brings new episode to the experience and blogging world.

Month passing by, and it's the fasting month. The end of fasting month is where i'm getting serious in blogging world and joining Nuffnang event. And since it's fasting month, all the contest involving any premiere screening or outing got to hold on although some it the movies are very interesting such as Spy Kids and etc.

The 2nd event i've joined with Nuffnang is "Buka Puasa Session With DiGi & Nuffnang at The Bee, Jaya One" (Still not updated due to several problems unresolved) on 25th August 2011

Oh ya, at this event, i've been given the chance for 2 weeks to make a review on HTC Sensations since winning the games with CikLilyPutih and Mea. Actually, our group want to enter the game to get the HTC Evo 3D, but as we have won the 1st game, the 2nd game is ineligible for us to enter. But it was nice, i not only got to bring a HTC Sensation home for review, but a DiGi mug won in early wakeup games and awesome goodies by HTC, DiGi and Nuffnang. Meet lots of wonderful and famous bloggers also such as abg jejai, madammondoq and many more.

Next, is my 1st time watching A Premiere Screening Movie with Nuffnang

Apollo 18 was the 1st Premiere Screening movie i've join on 7th September 2011 and luckily, i've also met my Technic Kajang Seniors, Heidi Syafiq, also a Nuffies at the screening. What a coincidence and a small world we living in.

The show will never stopped until it reached the ending. Next is my 1st free Concert Tix from Nuffnang. The Suara Kami Concert held just a day after my birthday on 17th September 2011.

The excitement just pumping out as during the day i collected the tix at Nuffnang office, it's also the day i pickup HTC Sensation at the same time for review and it was like a really zillion thanks for making it in celebrating my birthday and my Convocation a week later.

After the 1st Premiere Screening with Nuffnang, the 2nd is coming. This time, is Real Steel. And at this premiere screening, i've met several bloggers and make friends with them. Such as Pen Merah and Ian Hamzah.

Next event is the invitation on 29th October 2011 to the Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood and Celebrities Night

An event full of suprise and excitement and biased host (Adam C), also meeting many bloggers such as Nisa Kay, and many more.

A suprise night where Lady Gaga won the Best Dressed Male!!!

And the story continues with the upcoming Premiere Screening of Twilight Saga - The Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Yaaa... I know, there is not much achievement for me compared to other famous bloggers who've been actively blogging. If added with Nuffnang Sister's, The Churp², the story might not end till 3 days, 3 nights.

Knowing, meeting, sharing, exchanging and even friendly invites together by the other bloggers are not usually we can see often. As people always tought, what stays on the cyber world, should remain that way. But with Nuffnang, the cyber world is not only a place for you to share, but with all the events planned, we can meet each other, in real life and get to know each other.

You've heard of Nokia motto of Connecting People, but deep inside the blogging world, Nuffnang also shares the same motto but in a different ways where it not only give something back to the bloggers, but also connect the bloggers in a wonderful, exciting, heart pumping and also adrenaline rushing throughout the Vena Cava & Vena Pulmonary (Is it right what i'm typing, the spelling??).

Love Letter from Nuffnang for all of you in the Blogging World especially those living and cybering in Malaysia

"On this 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock like a migration birds to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott."

It's not all about the Income you get from the ads,
It's about how you benefits from it,
It's not about the privileged you get,
It's about the community in it

6 months is all i did,
prizes, goodies, tickets is all i receive,
although little what i receive,
New friendship is what i have achieved.

Nuffnang connecting people's,
Blogging bridging it
Bloggers Pumping It,
Experience make it as it's.

Translating it in Bahasa Malaysia

Bukan bayaran iklan yang dicari,
Tapi faedah yang diberi,
Bukan keistimewaan yang dicari,
Tapi ikatan yang dibentuk setiap kali.

6 bulan telah ku lalui,
hadiah, cenderahati, tiket telah ku perolehi,
Walau sedikit yang dilalui,
Nilai persahabatan yang dibentuk acap kali.

Nuffnang menghubungkan manusia,
Blogging jambatan segalanya,
Bloggers pemula bicara,
Pengalaman diperolehi salah satu caranya.

Nuffies Newbie a.k.a Highly anticipated bloggers
putra87 of

p/s - Putrajaya Marriott??? Really??? So near to my house!!! Please choose me!!! Can't wait to join all the events by nuffnang and meet all the awesome, beautiful, gorgeous and handsome bloggers including the beautiful and charming Nuffies Staff that sometimes make my heart beat like a disco sound.


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gud luck bro

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Good luck bro...
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