What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

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What would your 3D world be like???

With LG Optimus 3D, Life’s good when you can have it all - and even better in 3D!
 Record, view and share 3D content in the palm of your hand - glasses free 3D experience with Tri-Dual Technology.

Delivering a groundbreaking visual experience and including Dual-Core, Dual-Channel and Dual-Memory hardware the Optimus 3D mobile phone provides amazing and smooth graphics rendering and increased processor performance.

View pictures, videos and games on the large screen in 3D, upload content to YouTube’s dedicated 3D channel or share your 3D content via the HDMI 1.4 connection to your 3D TV.

After all, life isn’t 2D, so what would my 3D world be like?

Standing 7+++ thousand feet above sea level, and a cold weather at night between 12-15 degree celcius wearing 3 layer of clothes with a spectacular, breathtaking and untouched nature preserved, this is how my 3D world would be.
A journey that takes about 3 days to reach the highest peaks of the mountain, and a journey that can take a week to reach the highest mountains in Peninsular Malaysia.

A world full of sweat, adrenalin, hard work, determination, cooperation and not to forget, excitement and satisfaction in reaching the peaks that not all of us are able to reached it except those who dare to rise up to the challenge to conquer the famous G7 of Malaysia.
And to make it more memorable to share with others, it would be Awesome + Amazing + Wonderful + Giler Kool!!! + Unbelievable to see the spectacular and breathtaking view in 3D!!!
 But with LG Optimus 3D, it would be a money can't buy but smaller and easy capturing view in 3D.
 Capturing wild animal in closer look and view it in 3D, capturing the drops of waterfall from 2thousand feets above the ground and share the splashes and the streamline of water flowing outside.

And it will be the most memorable to capture and finally view the beautiful sunset from the peak of the mountain capturing it using the LG Optimus 3D For The Win!!!
No word can share the moment, nor the journey can tell the excitement but the picture can tell it all in 3D as life isn't 2D

Life's Good with LG Optimus 3D


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