Gila About Internet???

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Anda gilakan internet??? Selalu update status kat Facebook, twitter & juga upload video kat Youtube??

Maybe this will help you with DiGi Gila Internet!!!

Oh ya.. Ni sebenarnya bukan nak pomote DiGi Gila Internet Sale, tapi nak pomote how creative it is when DiGi doing their promotion video

Remember the 1 where a girl at kampung laughing out on the phone when a DiGi mascot dancing infront of him??? Now, DiGi bring another new exciting videos, interactive video where you can choose how the story will end.. Don't believe it??? See it now!!!

The intro Video

So, when you see the video, you will get to choose 2 type of ending that is, 'Upload Video, Be Famous' or 'Update Status, Get Attention'

So which 1 will you choose??? Let us see 1st what will happen if you choose the 1st choice

Upload Video, Be Famous

So what will happen next if you choose the 2nd choice???

Update Status, Get Attention

Seen 2 different choice for it??? So let us now discover the story if you ever choose to accept the mission no.1, Upload Video, Be Famous

 You will be given actually 2 choices, 'Google How To Fight Hantu' or 'Shoot + Post Picture, Be A Hero'.

So what will happen if you choose

1. Google How To Fight Hantu

2. Shoot + Post Picture, Be A Hero

Now... If you choose to accept the mission no.2, Update Status, Get Attention, here are the choices you need to choose

'Tell Joke To Hantu' or 'Add Hantu As Friend', which 1 is your favourite choices??? Let us see if you choose

1. Tell Joke To Hantu

2. Add Hantu As Friend

So, which mission you dare to choose to accept??? Either mission no. 1 where you upload video, be famous or mission no. 2 where you update status, get attention??? It's all in a click of choice.

Should you choose to accept any mission, i will not be responsible if you got caught in the chase or attracted until you wanna buy the deal or rushing out to any DiGi store to get a better Gila Internet Sales.

p/s - This post will be close by yourself once you reached the end of it and finished reading


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