#DGInsideJob @DiGi_Telco Day 1 Part 2

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Do you know that DiGi has it's own park on a hill behind their HQ??

If you guys miss the part 1, just click on this link

But before climbing on to the park, it's better for those, willing to burn some extra calories or in other words, adding some extra calories at DiGi Reload Center.

It's actually a cafe to reload your hunger and it got Goreng² and delicious ayam just almost the same as you eat at Restoran mamak.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, are we ready to climb up the staires to the top of the cliff hanging on the silent park???

 At least, both of them, Zaid n Ruby are ready to accept the challenge

A very own outdoor gym in a refreshing and tenderness of wind blowing at the park added with artificial waterfall

Calories burn, lose a couple of grams... Couple only, and it's time to added extra Kilograms to the belly with the delicious spaghetti and pasta
p/s - I actually ate 2 of the packs, a spaghetti and pasta. A big appetite for a small boy like me haa

Feeling hungry?? Wait!!! There's more

After looking at all these food served, my manja perut suddenly sounding and asking me to pour it inside.

But wait!!! We, the #DGInsideJob come here not only for strolling in the park and eating, but we also been given the chance to meet, know and ask any question regarding the person and the issue behind DiGi social media included Facebook and Twitter.

FYI, there is only 6 people working behind the curtain of the Social Media team of DiGi Telco. And they have a working time between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. DiGi hired an agency to help them managed the Social media sites like both of them in the picture, from WAGO.

Hence, if you have any problem, please do call the helpline coz not all the question you asking regarding the problem using DiGi can be answered by them, n FYI also, only 1 person from DiGizens is in the Social Media team to answer all of your questions.

Makan pun sudah, tangkap gambar pun sudah, wat to do next???

It's the visit to the Technology Operation Center. The 1st green building for Telco in Malaysia. The building where it kept the server for all the DiGi line. The room like Nasa where they monitor all the problem regarding with DiGi and roaming with DiGi.

Since there is no camera allowed to be taken inside, only outer layer of the green building under provision by the green council for gold if i'm not mistaken can took photo. And this is what we do...

See all the greenery on the building itself??? It is called, daun Keladi or in english is, i don't know and too lazy to find it... So if any of u guys n beautiful girls managed to find it for me, do tell me...

Dengan daun hijau keladi tu pun leh jadi kan nak tankap pic... Betapa jakonnya kami haaa

To wrap it up for Day 1, Pinky replaced by Luke Ong who came for the 2nd half of the irtenary, A picture is a must.

So... What do really happen next on Day 2??? Hang on until the next post is publish. Until then, thank you for reading and choose DiGi, the smartest choice.


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