#DGInsideJob @DiGi_Telco Day 1 Part 1

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You've see the DG inside Job insiders, you've seen a little summary of what we've done this 3 days, now, its back to square 1, Day 1 with #DGInsideJob

Do you know that there is a vast of island inside the D'House???
It's true!!! You don't need to go to Bali, Pangkor or Bora-Bora just to go on vacation but it can be done at D'House. Don't believe it?? Better continue read it till the end.

Do you know, in DiGi, they are called "DiGizens" rather than DiGi staff???

Yes!!! They are called DiGizens, as in citizens of DiGi

Day 1

We were introduced to the Senior Event, Mark Lee by Pinky from Nuffnang before going on tour around the D'House. The tour was actually will be conducted by Joachim, but less than half way, due to an urgent meeting, Mark take it over till the last day.

This is the person who supposedly to take in charge for the first program of the day, Joachim, that is tour inside D'House. Don't waste any time, let us see what D'House has to offer to those DiGizens

This is what i'm talking about, the vast island surrounding the inside of D'House that was actually a meeting room. So, guys, no need to pack up your things and bought any tickets, coz you can go for free inside here. Want some more??? Here you go to another islands existed.

Beside the unique name each meeting rooms displayed, there is also a studio, where any signing of contract as the partnes with DiGi are held at, and it is also the place where movies were played during the October Tweet Fest.

Another awesome thing in DiGi is, when they want to change the interior inside the studio, it can be done in just half an hour. That, is the culture, of what, DiGizens can do.

And the other best part of DiGi D'House is, there is not only a place for the grown up to move on, but also, the children are given a placed and chance for them to express themselves and hence, show their talents especially in art. Don't believe it again??? See for yourself lahhh

Very creative aren't they???

We were also brought to the Town Center where the DiGizens used it to gather around, listening to the CEO talks about the future plans, the place where they can play basketball, badminton and sometimes having a party for themselves inside it... Cool ain't it??

A place inside the office itself, located specially for the staff to sweat their body

The #DGInsideJob were also brought to the placed where customer service (CS), where they pickup calls, complaints, and anything related to the DiGi Customers. A place where all of us will experienced it on the last day.

 FYI, there are about 6 disabled workers currently works as DiGizens

There is also a placed where most of the customer service DiGizens are being lookout and where the calls from the customers are directed into an unoccupied CS DiGizens.

For those hearing like the operator speaking in Indon, there is actually a place in the CS department where indonesians CS will answer it as most of the Indonesians, do use DiGi as their telco choice.

before heading on for a break, we got to go for a view on how the work culture in DiGi.

FYI a.k.a for your information, the staff can sit everywhere they want to inside the office as long as there is a vacancy on that place. And the unique is, boss didn't seat inside a confine room differ from others, they seat in 1 big office with the DiGizens. Except for the CEO and Chairman.

Want to see more of Day 1??? 

To be continue on part 2 where we were touring into their own park up on the hill where they have their own man made waterfall stand behind the DiGi Courtyard, meeting the person behind the social media of DiGi FB & Twitter and also touring inside the green building by DiGi, 1st telco to do it in Malaysia.


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