CIMB Asia - Pacific Classic Malaysia 2011

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1stly, i would like to thanks to Malaysian Airlines through tweeter for selecting me as 1 of the winner on that day, Don't believe me???

I was actually shock coz it's my 1st time entering contest trough Tweeter and suddenly, just got the luck in winning it, 2 VIP passes ok!!! For straight 4 day!!!

N it's not only VIP passess, Malaysian Hospitality at their booth eating like a VIP, taking picture with the beautiful MAS Stewardess, goodies bag with shirt exclusively from MAS n 1st ever in my life watching a golf tournament and entering a golf course.

The CIMB Asia - Pacific Classic Malaysia held for 4 straight days, 28th to 30th October 2011 comprising of our own Malaysian golfers, Danny Chia and another 1 i don't know... hahaha...

On the morning of 29th October 2011 till around 3 p.m. in the evening, going for the golf tournament, on 5.30 for the Nirvana Nevermind 10th Anniversary and lastly, Astro B.yond IPTV party.

Enough of the blabbering, let the picture make it all the words in it. A day hanging out with my ex-roomate, Nizam and ex-Mandarin Classmate, Amru in a 3 events simultaneously from morning till night.

Danny Chia amik angle
Danny Chia di hole terakhir (Yeke???)
Danny Chia Hole In Defeating Vijay Singh
 You see the golfers, you see the courses, n now, see the beautiful MAS stewardess!!!

p/s - If compare MAS to Air Asia, i choose MAS stewardess!!! Y??? Just look at the dressing maaa...
If you think the picture above not attractive, how about single picture of each MAS stewardess???

Want to know their name??? Just click on each picture and try zoomin clearly. Each day, 2 different stewardess featured on MAS VIP Hospitality

N the day will not be entertaining without 2 of my best hangout friends since USM, Amru de pengyou, and Nizam the ex-roomate.

The truth is, only 2 passes for each day, n how did i bring in Nizam & Meru into the hospitality area??? 

Just as simple as a trickers will do. Wat do u do with many passes of 4 days in ur bag??? just take 1 when ur inside the hospitality area, swap today passes and replace urs with the advance or the passed already passes, and give the original today from ur hand to my fren hand to pass it. Brilliant??? Maybe you guys/girls can try it at ur own risk. Make it discreet or in malay word when it all fail, 


Seems like i can't take my eyes off the MAS stewardess. So what do we do when we can contain our feelings??? Just take a picture with both of them laaa

Ok... Too much exposure, maybe because in the hand of not so good photographer?? Amru??? Sorry frens, macam x biasa lak ngan aku kan... :P

But what happen when it changes hand to an amateur like me??? Hahaha... Sorry just can't stop bragging bout myself alone

Enough of those 2 being my model for taking picture today, let us see the standing leader board for day 2 of CIMB Asia Pacific Classic Malaysia 2011
So if we can't see or go the the other holes where other golfers are playing, you can just see it on the big screen while seating under the umbrella at the guest place.
N what happen if u stumbled upon a nice n beautiful car that u can only dream to have it???

N wat happen when u got the chance to try putting in a hole for free along the exhibition place??? U play along with it
Me, also can't let go the opportunity to play it for free
Amru also can't let go to try it by himself

And the day, ended up with Amru again, being my model again.

Not even half a day, but with a good and exciting experience for first timer like me. Hopefully to win again and go to another golf competitions sponsored again.

Thank you MAS for the VIP passes, and the nice hospitality received on that day


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