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Before i start this post, i would like to say thank you to CintaBunga for the awards given to me as her followers... (Susah² jer... Dah lama kasi baru skang nak amik... Aisshh)...

Its kinda long time ago for me to receive any awards from any of the bloggers that have been visiting and reading and even following my blogs... A deeply conversation (Not by Yuna) to all of you for being with me... Hahaha..

What kind of awards that i received?? Is it a trophy?? A gift?? Or even a proposed by a woman to me?? Naaahhh... Just my imagination... So... Look at the picture below... Yeahh... That is my awards given by CintaBunga for being her top 100 follower...

p/s - My followers has been reaching to the 200++ marks... And yeahh... I think like be giving my followers an awards for them... But..Hurm... Let it reached the benchmarks of 300 Followers and then i will consider of giving an awards... Yaaa... An awards that will test my skill on my design...

Oh yaa... Seems like a little bit too long just for an awards post... hehehe... Anyway... Thank you miss cintabunga for this beautifull awards... Janganla susah² lagi kasi awards kat saya ye... hahahaha...


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3 Pengkritik:

.::cintabungablogspot::. said...

hahaha...memang nak kene pukul nih, aishhh... heheh, btw... thanx for this kind of special entry for cintabungablogspot. heheh... enjoy ur reward given but do not redeem to any shopping complex rite. heheheh ^^

iPai said...

wah .. tahniah ..

anisyafrina said...

congratulation :D

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