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Ever wonder how to search for downloaded file on internet easier with just a keyword to use??
Google is a simple search site that makes your day a wonderfull day..

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Tips and Tricks in searching for downloaded file on the internet using google such as rapidshare file.. (the basic of searching)

For searching avi file type; avi naruto (Naruto is the keyword)
For searching mp3 file type; mp3 naruto

Others type of file such as rar, exe n etc. can be search just by replacing the mp3 or avi with the type or format of the file that you want to search.

To search for more than 2 format of the same files, just put | between each format.

Example: avi|mp3|rar|exe naruto

Others file hosting also can be search such as megaupload, novaup, sendspace and etc.

Credit to buzyline.blogspot for providing the tips..


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