Bukit Tabur : 1st Try

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Bukit Tabur, also known as the henchback Dragon by some hikers, is 1 of a kind that i would say pleasure in a spectacular way

It was not like other hill that i've conquer before (actually only Broga hill). A spectacular view both nature and the city life coexist side by side only to divide by the hill known famously as Bukit Tabur.

It was not like the usual hill with easy going and steady track to hop on and conquer with full of excitement and finally you will said " is that all??", but it was a hill full of challenge that only the bravest (i'm not so since i'm afraid of the height) dare to challenge themselves to the top.

Located near Taman Melawati, Bukit Tabur has 14 checkpoint to reach the top but most of the people's except the challenging person will only go as far as checkpoint no. 7-9. Why??

Here is why the reason not much will dare and challenge to go further than checkpoint no. 9
Dare to challenge yourself to climb this rock after checkpoint 9??? Think again!

Here is a story, a hikers diary of how a Selangor fans wearing Selangor Jersey after the team trashing of Johor Darul Takzim 4-1 with only 10 men's, my 1st try to conquer Bukit Tabur end's with....

It all started from 2 weeks plan by 2 PLKN friend. Well, it was the 1st time for both of us to climb this hill. It started with not a very good news as 2 of her friends seems to have some complications early in the mornings before the time we promise to meet up.

But, once a hiker, will always be a hiker!

The plan must go on eventhough it is just the two of us. Started at 10 a.m. in the morning at the feet of Bukit Tabur. Honestly, until checkpoint no. 2 or 3 if i'm not mistaken, you can already see the view of the Klang Gate and the Metropolitan City of Kuala Lumpur.
The hike almost get to a halt when my partner in crime suddenly feel dizzy and almost faint, but after a moment of throw up and puking, it is decided, this hike must go on...

We were followed by 2 others hikers along the way but finally leaving them behind far away as we move faster and closer to the next checkpoint. 
I would say, as we arrive to checkpoint 9, and take a rest with the help of some chinese hikers stumble upon the route, then... Suddenly... It was the half n hour moment after the chinese hikers leave us to go back as we try to move on to the next checkpoint.

You would not believe what will happen to me in the half an hour marked. Both of us are lost. Lost in keeping the track and moving to the next checkpoint as we heard from the chinese hikers, there is 14 checkpoints to conquer Tabur.

Half an hour lost finding our ways and we even decide, if there is nobody going up, we would go back using the same route as we hike along. But with the help of Allah (Not Kidding!). Sound of selawat and salam from the nearest masjid helps us to meet another group of hikers. Finally! we saved by a nick of time.
UIA (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa a.k.a International Islamic University) from the view of  Bukit Tabur

With the other hikers group stumbled upon our pit stop, we finally managed to moved on to the next checkpoint. And both of us can't imagine that we need to climb the rocks instead rather than going trough an easy route that is actually none other than climbing the rocks.

I honestly say, this is my 1st time, in my hiking life, i feel scared. Seriously! Not kidding! Although i have the feeling of scared of height, but it never brake my determination to conquer 4 Mountains and 1 hills already. But this Bukit Tabur, is a different story.

A slip of mistakes in your foot and lost your way, you might say goodbye to the world or just call 911, Police or the firefighters to the rescue. On your right side, is a steep hill, on your left side is a steep hill. Both posed same danger.

But with the help of the other hikers we tag along, Alhamdulillah and finally, we moved on until checkpoint no.12. That's where we finally stop before thinking of going just a little further to take a moment picture together as a team as the route going back home is located at the middle of Checkpoint 12 and 13.
Overall, 4 hours of hiking including the half an hour lost on the pit stop of checkpoint 9 and going back home. It was a memorable moment and sadly, 2 more checkpoint to conquer but due to the limit of time as we hike back down around 2pm in the afternoon and the sky looks grey.

Definitely, 2nd time to conquer until checkpoint 14 will be planned, just like what i did in Broga Hill

But the greatest moments is, wearing the Selangor Jersey with Selangor Mafla to commemorate the winning night of Selangor trashing JDT 4-1 with 10 men's against 11 men in Stadium Shah Alam! What a moment to show it to the Johor fans especially my friends in my own FAC group!

See you again Bukit Tabur next time! Coz next time, i will be more prepared with full of stamina's and full equipped to conquer the peak of Bukit Tabur!


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