Tiger at the Mines

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What will happens when a Tiger roar at the Mines??? Will all the water drained due to the roar???

But wait! This is the different tiger, this time, it's Tiger Woods that is coming to the town. 

Seri Kembangan – Tiger Woods will be making its appearance at the Mines Resort and Golf Club from 25th to 28th October 2012 for the CIMB Classic. This will be second time playing in the same course after emerging as champion in the 1999 World Cup of Golf.

 This will be a big boost for the Mines Resort and Golf Club located within Mines Resort City as world renowned players such as reigning champion Bo Van Pelt and Ben Crane of the United States will be joining in line up as well. CIMB Classic will feature 48 players including 30 from the USPGA Tour and 10 from the Asian Tour.

Palace of the Golden Horses and Mines Wellness Hotel are the on-site tournament hotel for the Southeast Asia’s only USPGA Tour sanctioned event. Both hotels will be offering special room rates together with season passes for the four day event.

Will the tiger became the kings in the woods??? Hope that i get to see the history made by Tiger Woods or other golfers since i've been there before on the CIMB Classics last year under MAS and this times wishing it will be under Palace of Golden Horses and Mines Wellness Hotel.

For more information, head on to this link

Website           www.palaceofthegoldenhorses.com.my



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