My Favourite Animal Pal in Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

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After the American vehicles went somewhat off-track overseas in Cars 2, the New York zoo animals are starting to go a bit bonkers on a trek through the Continent in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted! Not only extra-dimensional but extra-loud, extra-antic and extra-frenetic, this third installment of Dreamworks‘ much-loved wildlife caper is sure to blow your mind!
The hapless animals manage to get themselves stranded in Monte Carlo and end up joining a travelling circus, which takes them on adventures in some of Europe’s most spectacular cities. 
And here is the catch!

who is my favourite animal pal and why

It would be "The Penguins of Madagascar"
4 Penguins with different personalities and abilities than can blow your mind (Ok, not entirely), and can make you laugh till you fall down from your chair.

And here is my definite answers to why i choose the penguins as my favourite animal pal
The are likes the three musketeers but instead, plus 1 with Skipper as their leader, Kowalski as the group strategist and gadgeteer, Private the Rookie and Rico the teams weapons and explosives specialist.

They are like the expendables of the penguins versions but more fluffy, more cute, more adorable and you may never know, they are more reliable, informative and destructive in the inside but indestructable on the outside. Cool ain't it???

Well, it is hard to get a penguins to be your animal pal, so why don't i choose them as one?? Besides, to really get them as a pets you need to prepare a place where it is cold enough for them to cool their feathers and lots and lots of fish to feed them. Isn't they cute but in the meantime can cost me a lot of money that makes me wanna pet them while they are in the zoo to save the cost.

For me personally, it would be nice if Skipper were to be my closest animal pal

1. Since skipper is the leader, the penguins who devices tactics and give orders, it has same personality as me. Im the older brother in my family, likes to play tactical games and give orders to my little brothers (So jahat tapi nakal).

2. Skipper's raving paranoia and tendency to view everything as a military operation, combined with his experience in covert ops, has driven him to prepare for nearly any situation, no matter how bizarre or unlikely. Since im a military fags, likes to play military type strategy games, a PLKN trainee, hence, im prepare for any situation, including if you need me to stop a car on the road just with a gesture of hands. Hahahaha

3. And finally, since penguins like skipper are cute, i think it suits me as im also as cute as they are. Don't believe me??? Please clean your eyes or wear eye mo. :P

Tha't all for my favourite animal pal. Hopefully Nuffnang will gladly invited the cute me like they given the cute tickets to watch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted!


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2 Pengkritik:

Daniel Chiam said...

Hahahaha samala... hopefully we get to catch this premiere man..

In room8five: When Anything Is Possible - Yohio

Nazrul Ashraff & Syaza Athirah said...

aku pun pilih penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

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