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Thanks To Maybank, selecting me as 1 of the twitter winner for the #goodlaughTGIF of the day, i was able to watch the April Show with 3 of my friends, simply said la, 2 pair of tix i got la.
  It was a whack up of the day for Friday to end it with "Best Gila Babi Sial" laughter after a full week of working load.
So whose in it for the night at The Comedy Club KL at The Bee @ Publika???

Surely it was our own homegrown Malaysian Comedian, Douglas Lim, Paul Myrehaug from Canada and the only Lesbian comedian that able to slip up into Malaysia for the week, Jen Brister from UK. Hosted by Rizal Van Geyzel that surely spice up the laughter of the night.

Let's get to know what my view of the night on these 3 stand-up comedy that makes people laughing and laughing trough the night at The Bee

1st up for the night is Paul Myrehaug
“Dry, dark but with an irrepressible youthful charm.” – Toronto Star

He was ok la, with his comedy on his true story doin circumcised, and his explicit sexual comedy of not being a virgin doing it with a 42 year old lady. Parrot clit, the old lady, and the facebook jokes about guys adding gurls, what they do next and what they after 1stly after being approved.

Next, it was the UK Lesbian lady, with her Mediterranean Spanish mother, Jen Brister
 “Brister ticks all the boxes – she’s confident, energetic and knows how to deliver a line for maximum laughs” - The Scotsman

Yaaa!!! A lady who is lesbian, friend with her friend that even her friend mom can interpret but just to said, a "Special Friend"

Doin a stand-up comedy about how her mom act when she didn't call her back at the exact time she promised her, how her mom speak Coke, how her mom spell her brother name "Steven" in Mediterranean way, and how the different between UK and American especially in weighing where one, use Kilogram and the latter used Pound as a mass. And ended with a 4 Kg ham cut into slices that takes a long times as Ham are cut into little slices. If you know what i mean.

And the night wrap up with a nicely song for all those K-Pop fans that used PTPTN to buy the tickets and alternately, simply killed the 4 heavenly kings singing the Peter Stuyvesent theme songs.

None other than our own homegrown comedian, Douglas Lim
“He is certainly one of the most outrageously colourful characters that has roamed the stage in recent memory.” - New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Started off with his friend, Paul that can't speak properly english trough our own way of speaking "Mamak" and "Roti Canai" and the bargain of Apple product at an apple store in Sungai Wang that ended with "Go Die La". And "Die" in Malaysian chinese does not end that way only laa.

"U dare to cut me on the tol lane??? Cut me la till i Die i won't give you in"

How "1 Malaysia" being interpret by the Chinese as Want Malaysia, "Malaysia Boleh" where it is come from the chinese word "if you can, why can't i??" especially where Tun want to build the KLCC when New York can and build the Litar F1 Sepang when Germany also can. And lastly the Arrest of the Deputy Prime Minister DS Anuar Ibrahim where "I Can Why Can't You".

That's not all, instead of being proud being a chinese that is not proud at all coz once you are born, your automatically a chinese, so what to be proud of?? And the 4 season meal where it has only 2 choice, either hot or cold. Can it count as 4 Season when it has only 2 choice???

The Buddha Jump Over the wall where it is actually a soup while the Malay food is directly translation of Bone Soup also known as Sup Tulang and the Red Cook Chicken or also known as Ayam Masak Merah.

A jokes on the festival songs for 3 different festival, the Hari Raya where it only say "Setahun, Hanya Sekali" and Christmas where it say "Merry Christmas To You" but instead, the chinese said it repeatedly trough the "Gong Xi Ni". 

And to simply and nicely end the night with his own songs dedicate to all those K-Pop fans that has killed the Cantonese-pop songs with added of Edison Chan.

p/s - Don't be offended with the words written above, it's just a jokes, so if you can't stand the jokes, the simply said la, i'll nicely whack you up and down and Go Die La!!! Instead of using the F Word from the Aussies, UK's and Americans 

*Just Kiddin*


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