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I'm sure some of you there, reading my blog and following me surely aware that i've won many contest by twitter.

such as this
 and this
I think many of you guys and girls wondering, how can i win this kind of contest just by twitter. Here are some guidance on what i do to win and what i avoid on winning by twitter. Also the recommended tweet handle that is good to follow if you want to win some prize with them. Some of them just a bunch of free tickets, some of them are once in a lifetime experience and some of them might just get you an exclusive invites.

So the question is, how to tweet it???

Before i explained more on how to win trough tweeter, here are some of the tweeter handle that i followed that gave me a chance to win something from them, at least, some of them.

Above are the tweet handle that i follow on twitter. and yes, i've won some and kinda many from them also. So after follow, what should i do next???

Actually, each different tweet handle has it's own different kind of rules and terms to win it. I give you some of the example. There is different type of ways to win the contest from the above. And here are some guide on what they need for you to win it.

  1. The most RT or retweet.
  2. The most fastest tweet in the timeline.
  3. The luckiest no (1,2,3 and so on) to tweet with the correct answer.
  4. The creative tweet with the correct hashtag.
  5. The luckiest RT of the day.
  6. The correct answer in a series of no of winner set by the organisers.
  7. The correct answer, with correct hashtag.
  8. The luckiest tweet according to the TV series that just aired.
  9. The correct tweet according to the TV series that just aired.
The above is some of the ways the organisers of the contest choose their winners. It depends on the organisers itself. Some of them like Cathay cineplex would ask you to retweet their tweet, with the most RT will win the prize.

Some of them like TV9 will ask you to see their telemovies of the day to win it. Some them like Mas, RedRibbonDays will only do the contest on selected days such as thursday and friday where the hashtag #FF or Follow Friday are trending.

And some of the contest is only done on certain occasion where there is an event or matches going on the next 2 days, or a week later or inconjuction with the concert that they are sponsoring. They are like Warner Music Malaysia, Team Malaysia and Everyone Connects.

Some of the organisers also may ask you to enter the contest in a given time like bewteen 3pm to 6pm before they choose the winners.

And the best is to win trough creative answer. Coz you can challenge yourself to unleash the creativity inside you.

For me, i prefer to win on tweeter based on creative answer and the correct answer and also the fastest time to answer it. Coz it challenged you to be more alert, to be more knowledgeable and to be more faster to win it. RT is not the best way to win it coz it mostly depends on the luck and also depends on your efforts to RT this kind of many like 300 that will flood your timeline especially to those following you. And to win it with TV9, especially if you watch a good telemovie or TV series, than, it's ok, unless you're not into watching anything on TV9, than just forget it.

But it's all depends on the individuals itself. Just for me, i don't encourage to win it trough RT coz sometimes it is hard to win.

So would you like to try this on twitter to win something or just to try your luck??

Next, i will share on how to win trough FB or Facebook and also how to win on Web and what can you do to win more and gained more.

Do comments on this post if you guys or girls out there has any more tweet handle that can be followed to win more, and maybe, some tips on how to win it.


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