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Movie : Viral Factor 
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The Story

The Viral Factor, an Emperor Motion Pictures production with a US$17 million budget, filmed in locations in China, the Middle East and Southeast Asia using real military weapons, bursts onto cinema screens in January 2012! The action-packed adventure is directed by award-winner Dante Lam (The Beast Stalker, The Stool Pigeon), and stars award-winning actor Nicholas Tse and Asian superstar Jay Chou.

IDC Agent Jon (Jay Chou) sustains grave injuries on a mission and decides to spend his final days with his mother. She tells him a long-held secret. To fulfill her wishes, Jon goes to Southeast Asia. He befriends medical specialist Rachel (Lin Peng). When she is forced into the schemes of a criminal organization, Jon attempts rescue and becomes the target of the organization that includes his estranged brother Yeung (Nicholas Tse)! When the organization betrays Yeung and kidnaps his daughter Sheng, the brothers join forces to rescue Rachel and Sheng.

And now, again, here what i have to say about this movie

p/s - For Malaysian i recommended to watch this movie as 40% of it is in Bahasa Malaysia

It all started on the Middle East where Agent Jon were protecting a suspect of biochemical scientist studying and developing a cure for a virus that is currently being targeted by the terrorist in mutating it to be a lethal bio mass weapon of destruction.

Unfortunately, Jon is betrayed by his own colleague who then killed Ice trough head shot and another unfortunate event where the bullet ricochet and hit his head and fall down just to wake up 3 months later in a hospital where the doctor said that he only have about 2 weeks more to live.

In a different situation around the coast of Malaysia, a ship is found with all the crews and passengers were effected by the new mutating virus develop by the scientist that have been kidnapped in the early. And the news spread to the leadership of the ring with a plan on developing the only cured for the virus and finally sell it troughout the world after the breakout.

And the situation move on to Cameron Highland

The scientist try to runaway and sadly, he died after crashing with a mom and her son while driving and what happen next??? Just see it in the cinema.

And again comes back to China where the story of surviving Jon with his mother. His mother keep telling him a dream where 1, by 1 their family died and left her until she is alone and she revealed that Jon has a brother that is currently living in Kuala Lumpur with his father whom once not a responsible father to be.

The story than evolved in Kuala Lumpur, where Mang Yuen were convicted at a court for robbing a bank and will be sentenced to jail for 10 years by the judge. And don't know where did something under the judging table in the court come by that has been taking by Mang Yuen before escaping while being escort into the cell.

Mang Yuen finally met up with his old friends bringing the culprit that setting up him to be in jailed. It was the IDC and the police inside itself being the evil side of this story. But Malaysian police seems to be the victim killed by them. (just a story don't be so angry).

To find his long lost brother, Jon fly to Malaysia on an Air Asia flight but touching down in KLIA (if u r not Malaysian, u will not notice something fishy in it). In the flight, due to the high pressure flying high up in the sky, and with the help of a medical specialist, Rachel, the flight fly low. Why??? (See it in the cinema).

As they reach the airport, Rachel were suddenly caught up by a gang on a street not used by many along the road to KL from KLIA (Will only be noticed by those who recognized the road to KLIA). And as they about to reach KL, Jon in a taxi noticed something different when he saw the car Rachel in before and follow it. But unprepared tangled in the kidnapping.

To make the story interesting, Mang Yuen was the 1 who try to kidnapped Rachel but failed at 1st try due to Jon in the car that resist and fight where their car crashed down into the sewer at the road going to Dataran Merdeka.

And the adventure begins

Jon finally met up with his father who is currently running from the Ah-Long and he discover that he is an uncle to his brother daughter. And at Jon's father house that he discover Mang Yuen, the person he fought with before in the car trying to save Rachel was his brother in blood.

The story take place mostly in Putrajaya and KL. And the fun thing for a Malaysian who used to pay public transport in KL is you can see Mang Yuen buying KTM Komuter tickets but ended up riding on a train to GEMAS. So Epic!!! And then finally back to KL again.

Most of the location used are placed where the project is suspended and not done yet such as the leftover building where you can see it if you going on a Monorail. And the most exciting thing is, you never expected in Putrajaya, Perbadanan Putrajaya just infront of the Palace of Justice there lies a place where all the virus sample in the world are kept safe. What an awesome thing for a Malaysian to have!!!

The storyline was awesome, full of action and family message. Jon and Mang Yuen father died while trying to let Mang Yuen escape from the train after reaching Gemas, Sheng become the experiment for the mutated virus and almost being throw out in the sea but saved by Mang Yuen, Jon died while trying to do a divertion for Mang Yuen to kill his old colleague. And finally Mang Yuen and his daughter, Sheng back to his mother at China while Mang Yuen going for a jail service.

This is a must watch movie and honestly, this is my 1st chinese movie i ever watched at cinema


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