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It's 2nd day with @DiGi_Telco and it's the time, we, #DGInsideJob uncover Iphone 4S and the best part of the day is to know, the history behind the creation of yellow man

Some of the question ask by me and Mohd Zaid were choosen to reveal the story behind the yellow mascot. What is it??? But before that, here are little trivia for all of you.

Trivia 1

Do you know that Zalif Sidek, the main actor in Papa I Love You Movie with Lisa Surihani is actually the man behind the yellow mascot of DiGi???
Early sketch of DG Yellow Man
Just like the creator and illustrator of DG mascot, the yellow man said,

"Always keep track of ur dream. Everytime you wake up from ur dream, try to sketch or keep a note of what you have dream about in a piece of paper, in case you forget about it later n 1 day, u will never know that ur dream, might be a reality in the future - Alvin Chan"

And from that dream itself, Alvin Chan, the creator of DG Yellow Man able to create the most adorable and admirable commercial mascot for Malaysia Telco. And he aslo does not only create the mascot for DG, but also for the nippon paint where u can see creatures that suddenly throw themselves to the wall to paint it.

Wanna see the faces of the Yellow Man Creator??? The story behind the yellow man??? And the question from me, n Zaid for the Yellow Man??
Question 1

"Did the yellow man eat nasi lemak with sambal telor that it became fat like me?? - Mohd Zaid (Edited coz xingt full soklan dia tanya)"

Question 2

"Why Da Yellow Man Must Be Fat??? & Not Slim Like Me Or Pregnant Woman Or Sexy Lady?? - putra87 (a.k.a me)"
Alvin, creator of DG Yellow Man
The improve sketches of DG Yellow Man
From the improve sketches, the final illustration for DG Yellow Man is decided and finally choosen. But did you guys know, DG Yellow Man actually comes from an egg with lot of cord surrounding it??
They call it, 'The Great Egg' where DG Mascot were born and hatch

As the DG Yellow Man grown up, they actually have many different jobs such as the scientist, the fighter and many more according to their respective speciality such as the DG fighter where their job is for coverage extension.
And yet, not to forget the Yellow mascot, the fat Drill assistant where the man behind the mascot were actually Zalif Sidek (Answer for Trivia 1).

And to answer both of Zaid and my question, Yes!!! DG Yellow Man actually eat Nasi Lemak with Sambal Telor and they love it. Y??? Just see the video below for more exciting story told by the creator itself (Answer for Question 1).

And to answer my question, why choose Fat Yellow Man??? It was on the day where they were filming for the commercial of the DG Yellow Man at a shopping mall if i'm not mistaken. Zalif, the mascot suddenly becomes an attraction by a group of girls that suddenly passing by and try to approach and takes picture with it. And most excited part is, the girls said it was very cute that they can't stop taking picture with the mascot.

And to make it discreet until the commercial is out, DG staff ask the girls to keep secret of the matters. And now, this is why, they choosen a Fat Yellow Man as their mascot instead of sexy ladies or slimmer boy like me (Answer for Question 2).
And the best part is, where all the DG Yellow Man taking a family picture

Even Sulin the marketing manager also shocked when did they were able to take a picture of the whole Yellow Man Family.

And to make the Yellow Man Mascot story interested, their master were actually a spirit, ordering the Fat Yellow Man to come to earth to work for the DG.

As he come down to earth through a machine, there were some fighting back happening as 2 DG Yellow Man Mascot were actually already landed on the earth. And 1 should survive it. Who survive the challenge?? And who manage to tackle the heart of Malaysians???
And what happen as the Yellow Man survive alone on earth, on Malaysian Soil??? How did they meet the others Telco around the world??? The Mafia story of Telco in Japan??? N The meeting with natives in Malaysia they called Celcom??? N Why the DG Yellow Fat Man can't enter the cave???

All of it will be answered in this video, compiled from 'The Great Egg' to the native called 'Celcom'

And this, is how the Yellow Man mascot of DG were born in Malaysia

And i would say and admit it, DG Yellow Man Commercials is the best in Malaysia compared to others Telco line. The Yellow Man Dancing infront of the Kampung Girl talking to the phone, and many more.

Hope you all enjoy it and finally learn the truth about DG Fat Yellow Man


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