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Remember the post before about the Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2??? Refresh yourself with some juice from here


The Comedy Club Asia presents the Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia II -- Asia's biggest stand-up comedy spectacular featuring the world's best Asian comics.

Showcasing five top-line Asian funnymen (and woman?), this comedic extravaganza brings together sidesplitting entertainment from India, USA/Japan, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore.

Last year's inaugural KQCA garnered rave reviews playing sold out shows in Singapore and KL.

The comedians involved???

Comedian Profiles

The emancipation of Joanne Kam into the entertainment industry in the 90s, turned around and introduces a whole new meaning of comedy in the conservative night scene of Kuala Lumpur. The explosion of her talent on stage also catapulted the success of Kuala Lumpur’s first cabaret club called the Boom Boom Room. Boom Boom Room quickly became the Studio 54 of Kuala Lumpur with Joanne Kam, reigning as its risqué mistress, dishing out her scandalous jokes to her ocean of eager fans that commuted weekly to pay tribute to the “Diva Queen”. Kuala Lumpur was never the same again. 

Joanne’s distinct style of acid tongue humor earned her the reputation of being one of the most notoriously funny lady on Malaysian stage. The audience just couldn’t get enough of her candid, risqué jokes.

Her outfits as well were a statement of their own, tight fitting sequins gowns with plunging necklines that accentuated Joanne’s full ample assets. Her style created a revolution and confidence booster for women of all shapes & sizes who started idolizing her for her daring fashion sense. Bigger-sized females in Kuala Lumpur began showing off their ample curves instead of covering up in sacks and having as much fun as their skinny counterparts. KL was shocked and in awe, and fell head over heels for this bawdy, voluptuous comedian. 

Harith Iskander is generally acknowledged as Malaysia’s premier stand-up comedian. For more than a decade, he has performed live at countless events and entertained thousands of Malaysians and foreigners with his unique and original material. His comedy performance is in great demand and any company function is never complete without Harith inevitably bringing the house down with his side-splitting performances.

Apart from being the country’s No.1 comedian, Harith is also an accomplished, award winning film director, actor and writer. Harith has performed shows at various cities in Australia, Singapore Indonesia and Middle East and plans to have more shows in various countries from 2012. 

Go on, make us proud Harith. 

Paul Ogata brings his twisted humor around the world, to television and even the movies. Paul’s show lays bare his insecurities, recounts his marital foibles and hammers on world events. Paul funnels all of his material through an animated and quick delivery to give the audience a wild ride through his stream of consciousness.

The TakeOut Comedy Competition, a coast-to-coast search across America for the funniest Asian-American comedian, was held in 2004. After preliminary rounds across the nation, Paul Ogata was crowned the winner at the finals and officially became The Funniest Asian-American Comedian in the U.S. Paul Ogata won the prestigious 32nd Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition, putting him in an exclusive club with the likes of Dana Carvey, Sinbad, Jake Johannson and other comedy greats.

Paul’s first live CD, “Paul Ogata Stands Up, Live in Hong Kong”, is available now on the brand new comedy label New Wave Dynamics, and can be downloaded at Apple’s iTunes Store and other online retailers.

Vivek Mahbubani won a stand-up comedy competition for the Chinese category, making the funniest Chinese person in Hong Kong... an Indian. He later re-entered the competition in 2008 and won the English category and now finds himself headlining and hosting shows at TakeOut Comedy Club (the first full-time comedy club in Asia). Vivek enjoys pleasantly shocking the audience when he throws in his fluent Cantonese during English sets and vice versa.

Vivek's comedy clip became a viral hit on the Internet and people started staring at him on the streets a bit more than usual. He got invited for a cameo role in the hit Chinese movie "All's Well Ends Well 2009" and hosted the RTHK series "Hong Kong Stories". In 2008, Vivek was one of the faces of Citibank's mobile banking campaign and in 2010 became the official bi-lingual ring announcer for Hong Kong's first Mixed Martial Arts Tournament – Legend Fighting Championship.

Sugar Sammy is tall, handsome and funny -all the makings of a superstar. The Hollywood Reporter just named him one of the top 10 rising comedy talents from around the world, and dubbed him “Comedy’s New Rock Star”. Both are apt titles, considering that Sugar Sammy is touring the globe like a rock star, setting attendance records around the world for sold-out shows in four languages – English, French, Punjabi and Hindi. International critics, from Canada to Dubai, are unanimous in their praise of his uproariously funny material, his laconic delivery and his universal insight on multicultural society.

Sammy continues to tour the globe and prove that laughter is indeed universal. He’s performed in the USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, India, Ireland, Holland, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, and the Caribbean. He also toured across Canada promoting his CD, “Down with the Brown”, and was forced to add shows in every city, due to overwhelming demand.

Ok... you've seen all the comedians on this show... What are you waiting for!!! Head on to ticketpro to buy the tix and see them in a standup comedy.
For those already bought the tix, or won the tix already, see ya all on dat day.


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