Jalan Sultan Photowalk

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Event : Jalan Sultan Photowalk (Preserve Our Heritage)
Organiser : R.AGE The Star
Date : 15 Octover 2011
Camera : Nikon D90 Kit + 50mm 1.8D Lens

Sincerely, it was my 1st time walking along the Jalan Sultan streets. And thanks to The Star, especially R.AGE staff for giving me the chance to see, experience and photograph it for myself. And guess what??? Later i will show to you guys, 1 of my comments that pops out in the star section about this event and my photo that has been chosen is this pic.

Photo taken along The Jalan Sultan/Jalan Petaling using 50mm 1.8D
It was lucky that i got to shoot this moment as after i want to take another shoot, the pakcik said to us, not to take photo. And the above picture has been choosen to appeared in the 2 pages of R.AGE Jalan Sultan Photowalk.

Wanna see more of the photo taken along this historical road??? F.Y.I, along this Jalan Sultan, on the morning, there will be a market similar as in Ipoh known as "Lok Kin" (Correct my spelling please), but at here, mostly they sell cheap items and long forgotten item you can't get anymore. Enough of the babbling, let see the picture speaks for itself.

The "Tour Guide"

Honestly, i am a weekly reader of The Star newspaper due to my mom always bring it back home after her work day. And based on my opinion, The Star is better than NST as it structures of word are more simple and not to complicated. And don't be suprised, i've been reading The Star since my primary school and also have won the N.I.E Star competition where it tested on our use of english language and the rewards surely a voucher to eat pizza all by our own.

Time past by, currently with The Star newspaper, i've got the premiere screening to Harry Potter Final Movies, won several merchandise from ecentral.my (Gonna update the merchandise/goodies i've won). And with The Star, you can win many more. Will be update my post especially the comment on the event by me that appear in The Star on Monday.


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Wani said...

hebatnya abg putra nih! :D

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