Broga 2nd Attempt

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This is my 2nd attempt to hike Broga, and finally, i've reached the 400m peaked

Title for this expedition was "Hening Pagi D Broga" but it turn out to be "Dah Bersuluh Pagi D Broga"

Original plan was to hike Broga around after subuh to see the rising morning sun but it turn out to be the sun already shining on the ground when we get there... Kinda funny...

With me were 4 girls to be mentioned about, eisyah, hajar, fariza n the mastermind, teha... Finally able to conquer it after 2nd attempt... My 1st attempt were with Amru n Nizam where both of them only able to reach the 1st checkpoint... Penat kata deme sume...

Let the picture tell it all

Ok... Broga is just a 400m peak... and it's not a mountain to begin with... Just a hill with a nice view because of the lalang around it... Don't know how to spell lalang in BI.. hahaha... Ignore this... Who is the 4 beauty angles that accompany me hiking this hill??

N the picture below is why Broga is 1 of the attraction of most hikers, photographers, and many more like to go

But lately the view seems not so beautiful coz of burning of the lalang on half of the hill that makes the view not like 2 years before on my 1st attempt

Wanna see more?? and how many checkpoint u will find for those thinking of going to Broga for the 1st time

1st challenge that will find before reaching the 1st checkpoint
 p/s - The hill will be sloppy and slippery especially during rainy days

2 choice of ropes to climb on

View of the 2nd checkpoint

View from the 2nd checkpoint

The 3rd checkpoint where there is a figure standing on the white rock

The road to the 3rd checkpoint

View from the peak
The road to the 2nd checkpoint

The unpleasant view of Broga... Burning leftover

How beautifull the creation of Almighty Allah

"Buaian" in malay where Syeikh Muzaffar photoshoot his wedding picture

Taking a memorial photo before going down

N That's all the info for those who are trying to go to Broga or conquering it for don't know how many times... Hopefully the view can return to its original like 2 years before

The best part of this hiking ending is eating and satisfaction after 2nd attempt, finally conquered Broga Hill... Next target??? Tabur Hill n other hills in Malaysia... If Possible... Insyaallah


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4 Pengkritik:

izfanora said...

angan-angan yg belum tercapai utk ke sini..

iPai said...

uhuh .. broga memang best !!! n betul dah banyak diorg bakar lalang2 tuh

iPai said...

eh sejak bila izfa ada sini

putra87­™ said...

@izfa - xpe2... nnt nek ea.. tp skang view dh xlawa
@naufal - hoho.. tu r.. broga mmg lawa.. tp sbb dh terbako bnyk.. dh kurg lawa dia...

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