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It's Exam Week... And Our Brain Seems To Be Non-Stop Receiving Information To Be Stored And To Be Used During The Exam Week... But sometimes, our brain also need to have some rest and some space for it to take a break...

Do you know that, the brain can stored information larger than your computer harddisk??? Even larger than if u have like 5terabyte Harddisk just to store a lots of information... Anyway... What did u need 5TB for when you only just used around 3TB?? Unless for those korean drama or japanese drama lovers, it seems to be more useful than ever...

Back to the brain... Let's see some of the infographic on how does a brain works and its development
Source are taken from google image

The left and right side of the brain
Can't interpret it?? Well.. let's see 3 more infographic of the brain... Ohh by the way... wanna try your brain to eat out by the zombies??? Try and play Plants and Zombies... Surely a game to ease your brain tension... 

p/s - To read it more clearly for the infographic... Click on the image to enlarge it... 

And that's how your brain works and develops... Next on the exam week, we will discuss on the student behavior during, after and before the exam started on the exam hall... Tq for reading and following and commenting...


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