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Assalammualaikum, salam sejahtera, gud evening and thank you for still tune in into my not-so-interesting blog

This is a fast update... Ya.. not the Nescafe 3 in 1 taste, but more to the taste of what i've done during this past month.. Ya.. Mostly during the end of April and starting of May till now... Wat've done during this whole period????

Ok... Not so "Gah" in malay words... But this is what i just brought in into my equipment of IT... A 2TB harddisk that i turn in into an external harddisk... How much the worth of it??? Ya... At the time i bought this, it's around RM297... But at this recent timeline, the price can go down very fast and yeahhh... it's getting cheaper as the time past...

But what do i need this harddisk for??? Ok... Please don't laugh at me... just pretend that u don't read it or see what i'm about to wrote on this post... To store those freaking Korean n Japanese Dramas that worth around 300GB of my 2TB harddisk... Worth it??? judge yourself... around 15 Korean n Japanese drama's taken from my friends just for my entertainment and yeah, for those who wanted it also.... Especially my cuzin if i tell them about this freaking thing that i keep. Ohh ya... Y again i buy this "Lagho" in Malay words speakin is because my 320GB is already full of Movie that worth around 300GB also... Yaa.. Movie... (Gotta share this more on my story as USM Students)...

Enough of this.. Move on to the 2nd Fast Update... Yaa.. Ever try urself the Breakfast Family Meal at McD??? Yaaa.. The 1 that is actually for 2-3 person meal... But guess what??? Just read it more ok...

Can you believe that i, single hand eat this all??? Hahahaha.. Ripley's Believe It Or Not... Yaaa.. I did finish it all by myself... An insane action just flying of my mind n myself during the exam week, that i must do sumting incredibly insane enough just to remind me the last moment during my life as student life... Going out at around 6 a.m. after watching Real Madrid winning the Copa Del Rey's Final against Barcelona... It's a relief that during this day, i've 1 day rest before my next exam, that is my last paper on the friday...

p/s - No food picture??? Sorry, late to take the picture as i'm hungry enough to eat it that i just realize i need to share it also... Hahahaha...

Now to the last 3 in 1 fast update..

A Special thank you to my coursemate, Faseha for giving me a nice souvenier and a little gift from Korea rececntly as she just come back from a competition in korea... Yaa.. she just won a gold medal and a special award for her project on that competition... Ok... So what do she give me??? let see....

What is it that she gave me?? A chopstick, several sweets and like a chocolate stick... So yummy.. Please don't be jealous of what i get, special delivery from Korea ok... hahahahha.. And with this, conclude my 3-in-1 fast updates...

Hope to see ya all again in next post... C Ya... *Wink-wink*


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nunui Joe said...

2TB for rm297? murahhhh :D


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