We Are 'Yong Belar'ians Part 3

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Apa??? Part 3 Dah??? Haih... Memang sentiasa panjang ke perjalanan menarikku tiap kali pi hiking ni???

The above words are just a monologue from deep inside me... Yeahhh... As you can see, read and even click with your mouse to scroll down, read and even comment my post... The most long, full of part 1 until 4 (For now) is my story of hiking adventure... Why??? Coz i think there is lot of stories, the trek and even the experienced that i would like to share especially for those 1st time hikers and those who are planning on hiking these mountains that known as G7 Malaysia... Enough of the babbling.. As usual... Teaser always a teaser... Hahaha..

Geng² Hikers from USM Kampus Kejuruteraan, UM, IPG Perlis bersama guide² daro OTW n ORL
Hopefully to conquer Gunung Tahan and end my G7 graduation at Tahan... Oh yaa.. This is the trek if you are dreaming of hiking through Kuala Tahan... Looks kinda challenging rite???
Now... let us continue on the journey on my hiking adventure where we stop on the way to the peak of the mountains... A little teaser for upcoming hiking adventure post is for those 1st timing hikers, a little tips for preparing food and rationing... 

Don't ask me why suddenly the hiking adventure post is in english rather than malay language as usual... Just wanna try to explore the fun of using english language and maybe can improve my english... Just enjoy k???

Suasana senja di puncak yong belar... Nice ain't it??
Selamat datang ke puncak Gunung Yong Belar...
Even the oil are hardened in the bottle..
p/s - The temperature during the nite is freaking cold and can reach around 12 - 15 degree Celcius... Kinda cool ain't it??? A little advice, bring 2 sweater or windbreaker or sumting that can heat your body if your staying overnight at the peak... Oh ya.. And don't be suprised to received uninvited guest when staying at the peak... As there is mouse residing on the peak... And beware of placing your food container, mestin, and even things that related to food as we don't want to receive any virus known as tikus kencing or what so ever...

Penghuni tetap puncak Yong Belar.. Beware!!!

Spagetti... Nyum²
Ohh by the way, all of these teasing of food are not from my khemah... This is from the guide + UM khemah... Kinda nice the food is it?? ohhh Spagetti... Longing to eat it...
Suasana pagi dari puncak Yong Belar... Puncak yang tajam is Gunung Korbu
Pemandangan gunung Korbu, Gayong dan Puncak Junction dari Yong Belar
Suasana pagi di puncak Yong Belar sebelum shoot turun
Sarapan pagi geng² guide n UM... p/s - kami pun sarapan roti ngan Nutella je
Musuh dan Sahabat
Dah berdamai ker??

Bergambar di papan tanda Puncak Yong Belar sebelum shoot turun
Perjalanan terakhir yang perlu dirempuh ketika shoot turun
Jom kita pulang menaiki 4x4 Off Road...

Sampai disini sahaja perjalanan kami... Grup terakhir, termasuk aku, turun dan sampai di checkpoint Blue Valley Dam dalam jam 7.30 petang coz membantu seorang rakan kami yang kakinya terseliuh... Namun semuanya tiba dengan selamat... Dan alhamdulillah... Kami berjaya menawan gunung G7 ketiga... Iaitu Yong Belar...

Next post??? Part terakhir, part jalan² sebelum balik dan makan² malam di kem jabatan hutan...


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1 Pengkritik:

Cikya said...

hiking, sounds so fun,
i did 'climb' bukit larut last week, half-way coz time constrain..
need a proper better plan for hiking time..

entry in English or Malay, its the blogger preference..
good luck, when are we going to practice the skills whenever chances exist.. :D


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