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Assalammualaikum and hello readers... Today topic... Search keywords... Have you ever try and see what does the reader's of your blog search for??? And what did they search for that brings them to your blog??

Yaaa... I kinda amazed with what the visitors and readers of my blog are searching for... Well.. You can see it from the picture above... Yaaa... From the statistics given... It is not an issue for audi rs5 to be the most search keywords since i post it before on my list of top10 cars that really interesting. and Bagan Lalang and Solat Hajat is always in my list of search keywords since i posted it also... But what attracts me more is the others search keywords... 

Nilhakim??? No hp seram??? and Young Boy Jerking blogsite??? Oh yaa.. this is just last week search keywords... It's kinda interesting to see this kind of keywords search by the visitors and readers... especially all the above mentioned... Nilhakim?? Who is it??? Yaaa.. I got 1 friends that has the same name as given search keywords... No hp seram??? I don't think so... Coz from what i remember... I just up 1 post about the scary house in Shah Alam Seksyen 2... And still... Young Boy Jerking??? Although my blog title is the story of a young boy... But why??? What do you try to search with this keywords???

The next picture is the most interesting... yaahhh... coz it kinda smell a little porno... And... Maybe nottt...

This time search keywords is the best of all the best search keywords i have ever encounter on my blog... "Bernafsu pada budak sekolah rendah"... Yaa.. I know which type of gender who will search this kind of keywords... hahaha... But ohh please... Maybe just because i up a post about the feelings and thoughts of a blog writer on the "BRA"... And kinda shock to see this kind of search popping out on my search keywords...

And sumtimes... it is funny to see what our visitors and readers of the blog are searching for... By the way... My blog is still free from any explicit post or should i say, 18 and above post... hoho... Enjoy the post... And thank you for reading and following my blog... Love you all... * Wink² *...


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1 Pengkritik:

Cikya said...

much better untuk search keyword macam tu...

sebab, bila di search Ayat-mengayat dalam google..

guess what i see, Pron page..adeh!
with mg blog name in it...


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