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Alhamdulillah... Just finished my interview session with Board Of Engineers Malaysia, where all of the interviewers are actually a professional engineer with i.r. title... The real reason for this interview is for my course, Polymer Engineering to be accredited again after 4 years of accreditation ended... And gladly that i has passed the interview without any worrying going in my mind during, before and after... But i did worried over some of the questions that might be asked during the interview session...

Cut it short... What kind of question did they asked??? This question is not according to flow of the question asked coz some of it kinda not remember....

1. As usual... Interview yourself briefly... Have register under BEM or not... Register as voters for next Pilihan Raya Umum???
2. What do you understand with the program outcomes of understanding the principle of design on sustainable??
3. What is the mistakes that usually you do on presentation??
4. Already got job??
5. How to recycle, and any by product from the polymers?

There's more actually, but i kinda lost to remember the other question... And what did i answer?? The 1st question, no need to explain but yaa... Not yet register with BEM actually and not yet register as voters for the next Pilihan Raya Umum...

The 2nd question actually took along time for us to answers... Yahhh.. Forget to tell that the interview is a group interview... And 9 of us, final years student being interviewed. Back to the question... I just suddenly pop-up on the recent matters that usm ban on white coffin and the used of polystyrene and try to answers by saying replacing the usage of others polymers to replaced PS as food container. And what they trying to search for is our understanding on the principle where the keywords they searching for is environment.

The 3rd question where they ask on what mistakes that you usually do when presenting, our answers is like reading the slide, less eye contact... And the BEM asking us, did we do eye contact when we 1st step in the room before the interviewer... We all laughed a little bit at that question...

The 4th and 5th question, only 4 out of the 9th people in the rooms already got a job with selected company and they kinda suprised to hear it. For the 5th question, several question pop-up such as where do the polymer comes from, how to recycle and etc. And for the by product, luckily that i do my Final year project on PVC that i can relate it to the by product release that is chlorin gases...

I think that's all from my experienced being interviewed by 4 professional engineers from Board of Engineers Malaysia... A nice experienced and thanks to god coz i answer it with my confident to my understanding...


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5 Pengkritik:

me suya said...

suya pun pernah kena tahun lepas.. hehehe siapa kena tu mmg bertuah habiss la kan~

nn said...

talking about i.r title, i'm just curious. how is i.r pronounced?

some of the emcees in a few formal dinners i've attended pronounced it as 'ir' (a syllable) instead of 'i.r' (two alphabets separately) and i'm starting to wonder whether all these years i've been pronouncing it incorrectly.

do enlighten me.

putra87­™ said...

correct me also... from wat i see, it is pronounced as i.r... but since we always say it and don't know how it is spelled, we usually say it as ir... i.r dat stands for insenior engineer...

And correct me again if i'm wrong... this is what i learn from my understanding...

nn said...

i also pronounced it as i.r. and i believe because u pronounced it as i.r, it's the correct pronunciation.

thank u :)

娛樂城送體驗金 said...


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