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Yaaa.. We see again in our new post. What it is about??? A Campaign organized by my School, School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering USM Engineering Campus. I've been given a task by one of my colleague to design a poster, an awareness poster on how to educate people in using plastic.

K.. This is my 1st campaign poster... Look good ain't it??? Actually... there is several simple way on how to get this kind of poster on the internet... This poster is actually taken on the google image and i just edit it and touch it up a little bit such adding logo's, word of wisdom, and a little spot healing brush on several places to make it as the above poster in A3. But for the 2nd campaign poster, a little adjustment on the poster size, sharpen of images, spot healing brush, word of wisdom and adding logos.

Wanna see the 2nd Campaign poster??? And a little tips of the day, weeks, month and can be tips of the year... If only this post stand long enough to last for a year.

The above picture is the 2nd campaign poster that i design... Just as i mention before, the original poster were taken from google images and edited as mentioned above.

Tips of the day, weeks, month and maybe years for searching ideas, images and maybe several beautiful designs as inspirational for all the designers out there : - 

1. Always find your keywords when searching through google images. Such as if u want to find ideas for design, just type design. And for more specific search, such as poster design, type Poster design. It all depends on what you are searching on google images.

2. If a picture on the google images is too small for the resolution, try to edit it using photoshop for those photoshop users. And for more satisfying image, sharpen the images.

3. Remember to type for your keywords such as poster, banner and even tutorial as it can be obtained through google images and you can choose for yourself which one is your favourite.

I think this is all i can share for the moment. If there is anything all the readers wanna add, drop by your comment on this post and we can share the info together. Thank you for viewing and reading.


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4 Pengkritik:

iPai said...

uhuh ... design smart weh ..

.::cintabungablogspot::. said...

award utk kamo :)'M+GLAD+BE+WITH+YOU::.)

Faeza Suhaimi said...

sambungan? ternanti-nanti ni.

putra87­™ said...

@faeza - uit.. sambungan yg ane ni faeza?? post ni ker??
@naufal - tnx
@cintabunga - tnx.. nnt sy dtg kutip..

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