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Have all of you seen the latest American Idol Season 10 Audition episodes??? Still hosted by Ryan Seacrest and maintaining 1 of it judges while introducing 2 new faces as the judges. Who is it???

But Waittt!!! This post is not about the judges at allll... But about the web buzz that currently flying around the internet and Yahoo search that even buzzing along the twitter trend... What am i typing about?? And who is the person that makes the world buzzing around and talking about that has becoming a twitter trend around the world???

It's all concentrate on one person, a contestant from the Milwaukee auditions of American Idol 10 that touches the heart of the people watching it and some said, exploiting from what happen to him... Who is this person again??? And what is the news buzzing around???

Taken from yahoo homepage
It's all about this contestant, Chris Medina who sang the song from The Script - Breakeven. For me, his voice is nice, and he sings nicely the song. But what makes his name buzzing around??? Actually, the story revolves around him and his girlfriend that he gonna marry two months before. But accident happen without being told, and the side effect were harder as her girlfriend suffer serious illness due to the injury. An since then, he, and the girl family has been taking care of her until now.

She has yet to recover from her massive, life-changing injuries, and since the accident, Chris has dedicated himself to being her caretaker. "What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?" he explained.

Even in a season already packed with sob stories, this one was a doozy--in fact maybe the sobbiest sob story in all 10 "Idol" seasons. Even class-clown judge Steven Tyler became visibly choked up when Chris brought the wheelchair-bound Juliana into the audition room to say hello, hugging her and telling her through tears, "That's why he sings so good, because he sings to you." 

Some nasty blogs and commenters are now accusing Chris of exploiting his misfortune--or, more specifically, Juliana's--to further his musical career. It's far from the first time such accusations have been thrown around regarding "Idol"--another Milwaukee contestant, young widower Danny Gokey, who frequently spoke about his deceased wife Sofia, comes to mind. 

And I suppose I see such points. Let's face it, Chris's audition was good, but not great. He was far from the best singer of the night. We wouldn't even be talking about him now if it weren't for Juliana's tragic tale. What was memorable about him wasn't his song, or his voice, or his stage presence. It was his back story. But TV producers love this sort of tearjerking tale and the buzz it creates. So if any exploitation was perpetrated, the producers are probably to blame, not Chris.

Really now, if Chris was such a jerk, as his detractors claim, then he would have abandoned Juliana months ago. Very few men Chris's age would have the courage and character to stick by her like he has. Perhaps what makes some viewers uncomfortable is the nagging realization that they might not be so noble if they were in his shoes.

Even i, can't accept the fact if this kind of accident happen in my shoes. And it takes a lot of courage to overcome this and move on.

It remains to be seen if he can win this thing.

Taken from yahoo, the article on this contestant...


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