I'm A Gadget Victims Part 2

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Let's Continue on the next chapter of gadget, where i will show various headphones design from coloud, the brand of headphones that i've bought recently. Today design will focus on the Star Wars, Hello Kitty and NHL headphones collections before i show the headphones design i bought, that is the Marvel X-Men Retro.

The above design are from the Star Wars LightSpeed collections... Ain't It coolll??? Feel like wanna have one of the design??? But wait!!! There's still more design to show... Including Hello Kitty for those Hello Kitty Fans...

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Collections
Any Rebel Alliance Fans?? FYI, This headphones is sold out at the official website
Star Wars Darth Vader Collections

Any Darth Vader Fans???
Enough of the Star Wars Collections, now, let's move on to the Hello Kitty collections for those Hello Kitty's Lovers. Welcome to the Hello Kitty Headphones Collections.

Hello Kitty Graphic Collectors Edition

That's it for the graphic edition of Hello Kitty, now is the class and night life collection for Hello Kitty Headphones

The basic model in the Coloud headphone family. It's a one-size fits all headphone with a good sound and quality materials. 

Hello Kitty Class Headphone Collection
The Look Of Hello Kitty Night Life Edition
Overview of Hello Kitty Night Life Collection

Hello Kitty Night Life Collectors Edition for Hello Kitty lovers.
 Now.. we move on to the next features of the Hello Kitty Headphones Collections, that is Pink Label, Black and Gold, White and Silver, Black Comic Pop, Dots Comic Pop, Red Nice, White and Red and Ceris Futura.

The Coloud Twelve headphone is a thoroughly tested headphone model proven to work fantastically. It’s a one-size-fits all headphone with a neutral sound and a snug fit.

Hello Kitty Pink Label Headphone Collection
Black and Gold Edition

Hello Kitty Black and Gold Collector Edition
Hello Kitty White and Silver Edition
Hello Kitty White and Silver Collector Edition
 Wanna see more of the Hello Kitty Collector's Edition??? See it all on part 3.. Like to have either 1 of many Hello Kitty collections??? Will be continue on the next I'm A Gadget Victims Part 3...


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