I'm A Gadget Victims Part 1

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Seriously, i'm now addicted to the gadget zone... But not yet addicted to phone, iphone (Wanna have 1), ipad or any laptop brand such as apple or anything.

Siyes, aku skang macam dah terpesona untuk memiliki barang² gajet ni. Tapi masih tak terketagih la untuk dapatkan Iphone (Walaupun nak 1), Ipad, Henset baru atau sebarang jenama laptop dan lain².

Hahahha... why am i writing this post??? yaaa... just because i currently finding the gadgets that i want... but... hahaha.. so sad that the price is also kind of very nice... Although it comes with a guarantee of 1 year. I just bought 1 of it, a X-Men Retro... But at the moment, only 1 place that i see this kind of headphones selling in Malaysia... Wanna see more of the headphones design??? Price??? Spec???

Kenapa post ni ditulis?? kenapa³!!! Sebabnya... Aku sedang mencari gajet yang mempersonakan diriku, tapi... Nak wat camne... Barang baik, harga pun baik lah... Walaupun dapat 1 tahun gerenti. N aku baru sahaja beli 1 headphones daripada banyak² design headphones ni, iaitu X-Men Retro. Tapi setakat ni, 1 tempat je aku jumpe yang jual headphone ni kat Malaysia... Nak tengok Design² lain?? Harga?? Spesifikasi???

SpongeBob Headphone
SpongeBob Happy Collection
The specs for all of this headphones is almost all the same... Can be play to any MP3 player having 3.5mm plug...

Spesifikasi untuk sume headphone ni hampir serupa dan boleh dimainkan di mana² yang ada plug 3.5mm 
Driver Unit - 40 mm Power Drivers
Frequency Range - 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Impedancea - 32 ± 15% ohm
 Sensitivity - 114 dB at 1 kHz
Rated Input Power - 20 mW
Plug - 3.5 mm
This is the specs for Spongebob Happy Headphones... Now... lets see more of this headphones design from SpongeBob Squarepants Collections to Star Wars, Marvel, Pop Icons, Betty Boop, NHL, Hello Kitty, Flag Series and Coloud Colors Collections...

Ini adalah spesifikasi untuk SpongeBob Happy Headphone. Jom kita tengok design lain dari SpongeBob Squarepants, Star Wars, Marvel, Pop Icons, Betty Boop, NHL, Hello Kitty, Flag Series dan Coloud Colors Koleksi.

SpongeBob Square Headphones

This is the last SpongeBob Collections
The Betty Boop Collections

Betty Boop Black White Dots Collection
Betty Boop Features

Now, i will show all of you another collections from Star Wars

Star Wars R2-D2
Special Features Of R2-D2 Headphones
Even the left and right side of the headphones has a star wars mark
Overview Of  Star Wars R2-D2 Headphone
Star Wars StormTrooper
StormTrooper Features

Star Wars StormTrooper Overview

Star Wars Boba Fett
Overview Of Boba Fett Headphone

Star Wars marking
Wanna see more of this awesome collections??? Will be continue of the next chapter where i will show another 3 design of Star Wars headphones, Hello Kitty and Marvel Collections.

Nak tengok lagi design yang menarik??? Kita jumpe lagi di post akan datang yang akan menampilkan 3 lagi design dari Star Wars, Hello Kitty dan koleksi headphones Marvel.

Which one is your headphones choice??? Is it Star Wars, Betty Boop of SpongeBob???

Mana 1 pilihan kalbu??? Star Wars, Betty Boop atau SpongeBob???


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