Proton Pahlawan Series Ep. 3

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Kasturi in the mean time is based on the facelifted Saga, and will be out in production on February next year 2011 with the name of Proton Saga FL. More info, click to read more...

Sporting a sharper looking front end and a new set of tail lights that incorporate cool looking LED lights, the Kasturi certainly looks sporty.

The Proton Saga facelift which made its world debut in Thailand makes an appearance at the KLIMS 2010 as the Proton Kasturi Concept, which is kitted up but not quite the same as the Proton Saga R3 Concept shown in Thailand.

While that one’s kitted up by R3, the bodykit of Proton Kasturi Concept is by Proton Design, and the car is done up in a black on white theme. The rear end features clear LED tail lamps, but unlike the Saga facelift and the Saga R3 concept facelift, this one doesn’t show off its rear muffler.

The interior has also been blinged up with a white and black theme, and the meter cluster also gets a new design. Wait for the next pahlawan series review... we got 2 more Proton Concept Car to tell you all...


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