Proton Pahlawan Series Ep. 1

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The Upcoming Proton Concept Car, Proton Tuah. Taken from the name of Malacca Malay Warrior Hang Tuah. 4 others Proton Concept cars revealed at the KL International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2010as part of the Pahlawan Series with 4 others Proton Concept Cars are Proton Jebat, Lekir, Lekiu and Kasturi.

 Some info on The Tuah is Proton's new sedan concept

- Hints of what the Persona replacement model will look like 
- side profile with fluid lines.
- Sized similar to the Toyota Altis rather than the smaller Vios.
- Concept or Espire is built on a P321A platform.
- The clay model shows day time running lights while the side profiles offer sharp creases and strong lines around the wheels.
- Sources informed that the engine will highly be the new Campro series.
- Daytime running lights integrated in the headlamps and in the fog lamp area.
- The side profile features large 18 inch 10 spoke wheels wrapped with 225/40R18 tyres, and a nice sloping roofline.
 - The rear end the left and right tail lamp cluster is joined as a single piece, kinda like a 2nd generation Subaru Legacy.

 The look is excruciating and hopefully it will be out elegant and into production as it looks. I love the design coz it says that it is a Persona replacement or so called upcoming Persona R replacement model. Love the back design and the front design... uggghhhh... Just like a sporty car...

But wait... There is 4 more Proton Concept Cars to be reviewed by me... Thanks to the source for reviewing the Proton Pahlawan series.


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