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"Keeping Someone Who Does Not Want To Keep You"

  Here's the honest truth: Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you. It's only going to HURT even MORE in the long run.

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 By the time someone is really vocal about leaving, it is NOT worth it to try to keep them. The more you try
to please or impress them, the more you will PUSH THEM AWAY.

Why? Because the more you try to impress them, the less romantic respect they will have for you, and the less romantic respect they have for you, the least they will feel for you romantically.

        So what should you do instead?

    Grow some backbone and realize you don't NEED the relationship. As politically incorrect as it may sound, I see romantic relationships as a form of power play. In the perfect relationship, the power is equally.
But if you're in a relationship in which your partner is always thinking about leaving you, then you probably have less power than your partner and not a lot of say in where the relationship should go.

    To gain back that lower power, you must develop self-control and be WILLING TO WALK AWAY. As I say all the time, the greatest power a man or woman can have in a relationship is the power to WALK AWAY if it's bad for them.

Once you develop the power to JUST WALK AWAY, three things may happen:

1) Your partner's romantic respect and attraction may increase, thereby saving the relationship naturally.

2) Your partner may not care at all. If that's the case, the relationship is beyond saving, but at least you can feel good about yourself.

3) You break up with your partner mutually. But because you're letting it happen.

Any one of these 3 scenarios is a better alternative to getting dumped or cheated on "overtime"!


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