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Lawak Orang Engineer

10 lawak engineer untuk anda semua... terimalah... click untuk bace.. anda pasti tergelak... Peace...

Lawak 1

Lawak 2

An Engineering, MBBS & MBA student were going in a boat.

The devil appears, he says, "throw something in the sea, if I find it, I'll kill u and if I can't, then I'll be your slave!".
MBBS student throws a needle, devil finds it & kills him. MBA student throws a memory card, devil finds it & kills him..
D engineering stude...nt empties his water bottle & says, "come on buddy, let's go home!".

Engineers Rock!!! ;) (kalo x paham, komenla yer..)


Lawak 3


Engineer pun leh men facebook walaupun tak guner internet


 Lawak 4


Q.How to Kill an Ant?askd in engineering xam for 14 marks.

Student - Mix Chili Powdr wid Sugar & Keep it outside the Ant's Home.Aftr eatin Ant wil search 4 Water..!Somewhere near a Water Tank.,Push Ant into it! Now Ant will go 2 dry herself near fire,When It reachs near Fire.Put a Bomb in2 Fire.Then U Admit wounded Ant in ICU R...emove Oxygen mask from Its Mouth & kill the Ant....

 Lawak 5

Lawak 6

Lawak 7

Lawak 8

Latest from Nursery Schools : 

A- Apple, B- Bluetooth, C- Chat, D- Download, E- Email, F- Facebook, G- Google, H- HewlettPackard, I- Iphone, J- Java, K- Kingston, L- Laptop, M- Messenger, N- Nero, O- Orkut, P- Picasa, Q- Quicktime, R- RAM, S- Server, T- TouchScreen, U- Usb, V- Vista, W- WiFi, X- XP, Y- YouTube, Z- Zorpi...a. Thank God... A is still Apple :)

Lawak 9

Lawak Terakhir Untuk Budak² Engineering, terutamanya...

8.30AM: wake up8:45AM: Tough decision; to bath or not.
8:50AM: Have To.
9:15AM: Punch in.
9:20AM: Check Mail.
9:25AM: Check Again just in case...
9:30AM: Since It is already 9:30 wait for tea (9:45AM).
9:45AM: TEA party.
10:00AM: Check Mail.
10:05AM: Check again. Can't believe that no mail has come. Is every body dead or what?
10:20AM: Sudden feeling of loneliness and desperation turn around to look for some body (Any body) to talk to.
10:30AM: Found a guy testing something. Feel real pity for his pathetic, boring and useless existence.
10:40AM: Sudden urge to get some work done and fast. Start looking for the file.(Can't remember it's name)
11:00AM: Boss summons in his office. Bad sign.
11:30AM: How the hell! Am I supposed to remember everything? Why should I be responsible for everything that goes bad?
11:45AM: Try to locate a scapegoat. No body around.
12:00AM: Mood is really bad decided to postpone work till after lunch.
12:30AM: lunch
1:00PM: Lunch over.
1:10PM: Go for a smoke. Can't even smoke in this god forsaken place.
1:35PM: Back from a smoke. It was good. I even did not pay for the cig. The other chap is so foolish.
1:50PM: Mood is good. Decide to go to cool web sites. Real sleazy thoughts.
2:30PM: Feeling real sleepy after such a mammoth mental effort.
2:45PM: Tea Time.
3:00PM: Chat and discuss with colleague on the bad state of the company. Blame everybody for incompetence and laziness
4:00PM: A guy from testing comes for help.(Jerk)
4:11PM: Try to look busy.
4:12PM: He is asking for a technical help.(Real jerk).
4:15PM: After really making him beg for help decide to take a look.
4:50PM: No solution found. Really angry on the guy for getting myself involved.
4:55PM: Suddenly boss is spotted in the neighboring area. Try making as much loud noise as possible with some obscure technical jargon thrown in.
5:00PM: Boss has gone back to his den. Coast is clear.
5:05PM: Blame the problem on RnD.
5:10PM: Check mail. "Yes" a mail has finally arrived.
5:13PM: It's a silly joke and old too. But it felt good.
5:14PM: a quick dash for gate.
5:15PM: Third in punching out.
5:25PM: Reached Room.
5:26PM: TV on. No worth while program.
8:30PM: Still no worth while program. Every body is getting lazy and irresponsible what will happen to this world GOD help us. Curse government and RnD.
8:45PM: Food arrives. Pretty bad and stinking.
8:48PM: Dinner finished.
12:45AM: Today there were really good programs.
1:46AM: Decide to sleep. Tough day ahead


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