A Question Mark?

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"The Hardest Part Of The End Is Starting All Over Again - Linkin Park (Waiting For The End)"

Oh Yeah... Not to late to wish to all my brother's and sister's of Islam... Happy Eid Adha...  And I'm at my home at the moment after 1 day staying at my village or in malay word known as 'kampung'. N in the 1st time of my history, i celebrate this happy day with my friend at usm without having my beloved mom and dad who currently doing Hajj or pilgrimage. And it was also the 1st time in my history that i ate breakfast in this Eid Adha With KFC... ha3... The reason??? Because all the food restaurants including the 'Mamak's Stall" take 1 day leve for this day... K, Now we back to the story...

It started from a morning message given by her... and next, it moved on to call me... asking for a number of friends that we both know... but it still a question mark for me... What is her motive?? What is it that she want from me all along?? N What's been playing on her mind when she accepted me at the first word i say 'Would You Be My Girl"...

Of all the person that me n she knows and befriend with, and all of the person being facilitator with both of us... and the 1st person pop-out of her mind was me... if it was me... there is still a dozen of list of friends that both of us know each other that can give her the number that she says urgently needed... Luckily for her... i'm still a considerate man to give her that number... even though rite now i have no feelings for her anymore... isn't she should be grateful enough for what she have has and had before this??? Or she still want to use me as her tool because i can make people laugh with me, easy to friend n many advantages??
It still a question mark to me to answer this... and yet... hopefully there will be a light to show me all of this meaning to me... May Allah Show the best in me for what i receive and have... Allah Knows The Best...


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