It's Not My Time

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3 doors down - It's Not My Time

This week is not my gud week to begin with.. A meeting with a tension arising in the room, the problem in love life, problem in studying and even a problem of my own to resolve on what i've been doing at the moment.

Wanna know more??
It's really a frustating week at all.. but seems that the problem begin to solve slowly one by one.. thanks to the Almighty God for the help.. really appreciate it.

A problems involving trust and responsible, hardwork and determination, and the resolve of the year that i've been trying to achieve bit by bit, moment by moment.

This is what you get when you never plan it well.. as people said, when u fail to plan, u plan to fail.. that's rite.. Absolutely.. so what should i be doing to make this word does not mingling around in my life principle??

Just like what the wonderpets cartoon said.. Ape Yang Penting?? Kerjasama.. ha3.. kerjasama antara sape?? diri sndri n kerajinan dalam sndri.. ha3.. sje nk mrepek2.. coz br 2 mslh slsai..

1 melibatkn tanggungjwb, 1 g br jer slsai mslh cinta.. syukur slsai slow2.. tiap mslh psti ader mkna d sblknya.. tuhan nk uji kita bleh wat @ x.. kalo tuhan xsyg kt kita.. dia xkn uji kita ngn bnda yg kita xmmpu utk slsaikn.. itulah mkna dsblik ayat ini.. hu3.. neway.. nytez sumer.. dh mlm dh ni.. sjer jer nk mrepek2.. n luahkn prasaan skit.. ho3..


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1 Pengkritik:

aShaBuLz said...

haha...relax geng. apapun all the best.

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