1001 Reason Google Is A Great Search Site

by 12/24/2009 04:57:00 PM 2 Pengkritik

Which search site do u tink is most best surfing n searching site??
Is it yahoo?? Google?? Or Others searching site??

But for me.. not so 1001 reason that i can give on choosing google as my no.1 choice of searching for info on da internet..

So Why did I Choose Google As My No.1 Choice??
Here some of my reason.. Is it reasonable at all or not at all?? It's ur answer to comment.. Smile..

  1. U Can Search for watever u like, with a choice of full search around the world www or just inside ur own nation site.
  2. A simple n easy to search for any images that u like.
  3. Software offered by google sumtimes awesome & unbelievable unless u have tried it such as google earth & google sketch up.
  4. A keyword can make ur searching easier using google..(Wanna learn how?? Wait for my next post).
  5. Lots of application can be search using google in one pages such as images, books, maps n etc. without need to scroll down or browsing around just to find spot where the place are taken..
  6. A Well known web searching site around the world n if u have watch the documentary on google n the workplace.. u'll be excited as how their working n just by a simple homepage can change into a multi-billion dollar company.
  7. Many people prefer to use google as searching site so am i.. hu3..
So.. is it reasonable enough?? or still have lots need to spoken?/ ho3.. but this is from my view.. so what yours??


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2 Pengkritik:

MADReaLJL said...

the best features:

acts like a dictionary

2-insite:www.xxx.com anything to search
only search at the site www.xxx.com

3-usage of "" like "i want to test" will only shows u the result containing the words i want to test

budak kampung said...

google je senang....cepat...mcm2 ade

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