Slumdog Millionaire

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Jamal Malik is 1 question away from winning 20 million rupees..

How Did He Do It??

A) He Cheated.
B) He Lucky.
C) He's A Genius.
D) It Is Written.

A story full of drama, suspens, action, love & Quizzes.. A story invloving 2 brothers Jamal & Salim & a girl name Latika.. It all begins when Jamal partcipate in a worlwide famous programme, Who Want's To Be A Millionaire's India Version. The story evolves when Jamal is questionned by the police of suspected cheated. It all goes along from the first question that retold the past of Jamal when he meet his dream Star until the name of the 3 musketeer's just like the 3 people involves in this story.. 5 star given for this movie on the plot of the story and the character evolution..
A nice story told & directed by Danny Boyle and has won the People's Choice Award In Toronto..
A must see movie about the time revolves around India where religion's different is still an issue & how 3 different type of people's evolves.. Two brother, Jamal, younger brother of Salim who finally turn into a millionaire & Salim, the oldest that turn into a gangster & end with a stylish deathfying act. Their mother died during an ambush from a religious group with the police being unfair by only seeing how the other religious group slaughter to death.

It all began on the 1st question worth 1000 Rupees..


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