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JWEL : Indulged In treasured Treats

>> Friday, January 16, 2015

Once Upon A Time

There is a Legend tale of 5 JWEL in the modern times where lust, eager for the throne with 5 different plots and twists as thick and delicious as each creamy bites.

The depth and complexity of each royalty mirrors the intensely sophisticated taste of the JWEL royal ice cream.
(Source : www.facebook.com/jwelmy )

Maka, di sini bermulalah kisah 5 bangsawan dengan citarasa berbeza & tarikan rakyatnya yang berbilang rasa. Disinilah, kisah takhta JWEL bergelar Ice Cream terbaru oleh F&N di pasaran Malaysia!

Bertempat di The Curve pada 11 Januari 2015, 5 bangsawan telah turun menemui rakyat jelata untuk memilih rasa yang menawan hati mereka dan seterusnya dinobatkan sebagai Raja Negara JWEL!

Jadi, apa kisahnya 5 bangsawan ini?? Perisa apa yang menarik hati 5 bangsawan negara JWEL untuk bertanding berada di kedudukan teratas takhta pilihan hati rakyat??

Jom baca kisah seterusnya & nikmati, alami, serta kecapi rasa yang istimewa setiap 5 bangsawan yang berbeza!


Mission : Escape The Room with #TSDayOut

>> Monday, September 29, 2014

Pernah terfikir untuk jadi seperti Michael Scofield dalam Prison Break?? Or fefeeling macam Liam Neeson dalam movienya bertajuk Taken???

Well think again, coz i've the chance to be both of them & Escape the clutch of 45 minutes in a confined space room trying to be Sherlock Holmes with all the assistant in the group as Dr. Watsons, except no dissecting of body laa.

But 1st of all... Terima kasih dan tahniah diucapkan kepada Tourism Selangor untuk TSDayOut yang AWESOME bersama rakan blogger yang dah lama serta yang baru jumpa & terima kasih untuk breakfast + lunch yang sedap belaka habaq hang!

If some of you wondering soalan cliche seperti berikut "Di Mana Escape Room kat Klang ni??" "Macam Mana Nak Pi Sana??". Well, here are my answers... Tau gune GPS, google Maps or maps2 seadanya kan?? Sila tengok maps & lokasi seperti tertera di bawah : 

*p/s - saya pun sesat jugak mencari tempat ni sampai berpusing-pusing...

Sebelum korang fikir korang power sangat, ini adalah beberapa commandment yang anda perlu tahu apabila berada di ESCAPE ROOM!

Apa hangpa ingat kena ada movie je ke commandment bagai ni??? Main Escape Room pun ada The Commandment dia la..

*p/s - Rules ini hangpa kena tau... To Lived or Not To Lived... It's your choice...

Lokasi dah tau, rules dah tau, mesti ada yang nak tau berapa harga nak main? Di mana nak cari di tempat berdekatan dengan anda? Macam mana nak join TSDayOut ni? & berbagai soalan lagi yang mungkin berguling-guling macam tenggiling dalam Medula Oblongata hangpa semua... Apa tunggu lagi... Klik, scroll dan bacalah...

p/s - Sesungguhnya membaca itu amalan mulia... cewaaahhhh... Ok.. stop this nonsense..


LINE SHOPPING (Where Deal Are Done For Real!)

>> Friday, March 21, 2014

Have you ever wonder, how it feels like to shops while chatting on the apps?

Shopping online is like a therapy and drugs for me rather than texting or talking because actions proved satisfaction.

But with LINE Shopping, chatting and shopping is much easier with a click of touch! Awesome!

Did you know, for LINE users, there is double the penetration for exclusive offers and deals?

Well, here it goes…

If you think you can “Name Your Own Price”, think again because you might be full of temptations and lust with the latter offer for “RM10 Rock Bottom Deal”. It’s not about Dwayne Johnson doing the Rock Bottom or the TV show “The Price is Right” by Drew Carey, but it is the LINE Shopping that brings both exclusively to the users.

Let’s start with

1.       Name Your Own Price

Every deal is a unique deal, so are your price. There is an idiom, “The most Unpopular one, is actually the greatest figure to win it”. Hence, do not afraid to be the most “Unpopular” figures as you might stand a chance to win it!

Since we are in Malaysia, no need to put “RM” maaa… Just put the 2 digits of numbers and decimals that will sum up the figure. But there is a catch, where more than 1 entry will be disqualified as exclusively like a Boss for your price, so does the featured product, like a VIP waiting for its owner.

More deal?? Come and like LINE FB to see the deal, and I bet you it will not be a disappointment!

2.        “RM10 Rock Bottom Deal”?

Ever wondered to owns your new Smartphone such as IPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which cost thousand with just RM10!!!!

I Repeat!! RM10!! It’s like a dream come true without going to the Theatre of Dream in Manchester United. This is not a scam, and you read it clear as crystals.

Well maybe you might experience some loading problems, but what do you want to expect maaa… Its RM10 deal, please don’t say to me you don’t want to try it??

So here’s the deal, I know all of you reading this might ask me how to add this awesome apps on your smartphones?

Since I’m a Nokia user, let me show you how to add with Nokia Lumia as simple as 1,2, 3 I love you

Step 1 : Add friends


Step 3 : Start Chatting and Shopping!

Have fun shopping you shopaholics!

p/s – Please don’t forget me when you started to shops online using LINE

*This is a sponsored post for Nuffnang and LINE


A DiGizens Say Thank You!

>> Sunday, January 5, 2014

DiGi Year End Sale also got meh???

You guess it right guys and girls! It's still on although we already at the year of 2014

As a medium to say goodbye to 2013 and appreciation to all the DiGizens out there, DiGi Year End Sale (Since the end of 2013) is about shopping, shopping, and shopping. But sad because you can't fill your stomach with all the delicious food, and instead please do not worry, you still got to fill your satisfaction with rewards by DiGi to us.

With DiGi awesome offers and plans, you got to rewards yourselves, loved ones and even your grandmas with FREE smartphones, FREE tablets, FREE internet and FREE calls! Can't you see those 4 BOLD FREE words? Please tell me you don't like free things...

I also like free things... Well, there is a history between me and DiGi

This is a story of a DiGi user Thank You from me to DiGi


My First Advertorials Articles

>> Sunday, December 8, 2013

First of all, thank you Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to write for a sponsored post or better known as advertorial articles

Well, i've been given task to wrote on a person, a show that until today i still keep watching it, 3R

Once hosted by 3 girls, Rafidah Abdullah, Kartini and Celina, but now it is hosted by a new girls.

Just make it short, click on the link below and just read what i have to say about Rafidah Abdullah! And it is published on Malaysia Resume guys! What an honour to have my name stated above it as the writer.

Since this is a short post, just wanna say, Nuffnang, please give me more sponsored post! Thank you! i would appreciate it although i may be late in submit it, but it was fun i would say for this opportunity.

Well, adios beautiful girls and handsome guys! C Ya in next post after a long time of Hiatus

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