LINE SHOPPING (Where Deal Are Done For Real!)

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Have you ever wonder, how it feels like to shops while chatting on the apps?

Shopping online is like a therapy and drugs for me rather than texting or talking because actions proved satisfaction.

But with LINE Shopping, chatting and shopping is much easier with a click of touch! Awesome!

Did you know, for LINE users, there is double the penetration for exclusive offers and deals?

Well, here it goes…

If you think you can “Name Your Own Price”, think again because you might be full of temptations and lust with the latter offer for “RM10 Rock Bottom Deal”. It’s not about Dwayne Johnson doing the Rock Bottom or the TV show “The Price is Right” by Drew Carey, but it is the LINE Shopping that brings both exclusively to the users.

Let’s start with

1.       Name Your Own Price

Every deal is a unique deal, so are your price. There is an idiom, “The most Unpopular one, is actually the greatest figure to win it”. Hence, do not afraid to be the most “Unpopular” figures as you might stand a chance to win it!

Since we are in Malaysia, no need to put “RM” maaa… Just put the 2 digits of numbers and decimals that will sum up the figure. But there is a catch, where more than 1 entry will be disqualified as exclusively like a Boss for your price, so does the featured product, like a VIP waiting for its owner.

More deal?? Come and like LINE FB to see the deal, and I bet you it will not be a disappointment!

2.        “RM10 Rock Bottom Deal”?

Ever wondered to owns your new Smartphone such as IPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which cost thousand with just RM10!!!!

I Repeat!! RM10!! It’s like a dream come true without going to the Theatre of Dream in Manchester United. This is not a scam, and you read it clear as crystals.

Well maybe you might experience some loading problems, but what do you want to expect maaa… Its RM10 deal, please don’t say to me you don’t want to try it??

So here’s the deal, I know all of you reading this might ask me how to add this awesome apps on your smartphones?

Since I’m a Nokia user, let me show you how to add with Nokia Lumia as simple as 1,2, 3 I love you

Step 1 : Add friends


Step 3 : Start Chatting and Shopping!

Have fun shopping you shopaholics!

p/s – Please don’t forget me when you started to shops online using LINE

*This is a sponsored post for Nuffnang and LINE


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