Johnny English Reborn Review

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Film : Johnny English Reborn
Genre : Comdey & Action
Date : 13 September 2011
Venue : GSC Mid Valley
Sponsor : Red FM Malaysia
Stars Rating : 4.8/5

Johnny English goes up against international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier.

Alhamdulillah... Got the chance to see the premiere screening of Johnny English Reborn in Malaysia before it begins around cinema in Malaysia on this 15th September. Thanks to Red FM Malaysia. Actually, the contest was simple as only 2 question needed where 1 of it need a full name of Mr. Bean a.k.a Rowan Sebastian Atkinson and walla!!! Win a pair of tickets to watch it. Watch it with my matriculation junior.

It was a fun, full of laughter movie. Wanna some spoiler?? Some pic on the premiere tickets??? hehehe... Surely i will spoiled it since it will only be screening widely in Malaysia tomorrow.

p/s - Harry potter premiere tickets is still the best till now

Please ignore the hand Coz yaa... I'm watching it with a girl

- The assasination were lead by a group called Vortex
- Vortex is comprising of 3 spy angencies (MI7, KGB and CIA)
- The culprit is the MI7 agent, Simon
- The original plan to kill the chinese president is the MI7 chairman
- The plan distrupted when Mr. Bean drink it (This u got to see it for yourself)
- There is a scene where Mr. Bean is kissing the psychologist at the ending climax
- Watch till the end of the credits coz there is something funnier showed by Mr. Bean

My point of View

- A must watch movie full of laughter
- Even a small action by Mr. Bean can make you laugh
- There is a granny assassin that will make this movie exciting

p/s - Go and watch it at the cinema. Surely will not waste your money rather than watching the Apollo 18 Movie


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1 Pengkritik:

iPai said...

bertuah betul budak ni .. hahahah

ingatkan dapat dari nuffnang lagi .. uhuhuh

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