The Turn Up Of Da Yer

by 12/13/2009 06:09:00 PM 1 Pengkritik
Assalammualaikum & bertemu kmbali.. ho3.. malas tul nk update tp skang kna merajinkan diri ini.. he3...

Have u ever taught of turning ur life upside down when everything turns to be wrong??
Yeah sure u do..

That's wat happen to me..

11month of struggling to find myself.. to return to who i am..
11month of singling be4 finding sum1 special..
3month of suffering for trying to content my heart from the falldown of the starting year of 2009..

& less than a month we all will reach the new year in Islamic Calendar & 2010..

Everything seems to be a challenge in this coming 11month..

A lot of malassing floating around me.. A lot of tangguhing working in my mind.. But now is the time to wake up and smell da cofee..

Tanks to all who have help me in this challenging year of myself to find my trueself.. To find wat i'm special in.. To find wat i need to do really..


But i will cherish wat god have given me.. syukur di atas kurniaannya.. wishing all a new year n awal muharram dat is coming shortly.. ho3.. a lot of sacrificing in this year.. n a lot of challenging to endure.. but tank to the Almighty.. for the help..

P/S - Tanks to all my fwen 4 supporting me all this year.. N Tanks to my family dat i luv so much for helping me to be wat i am now..


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1 Pengkritik:

aShaBuLz said...

-heads up
-stand strong
-be positive
-pray to Him the All Mighty

surely your life will get better..its ok to be sad once a while..but to be sad all the time, its insane. heh.

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