A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

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People always said - A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed..

But do we take it seriously.. I've done something wrong that i can't turn back on myself.. Dat's y, for me, i wouldn't mind to hear my friends thought n words about me..
Either it is bad or good comment @ compliment.. You got to admit..
Sometimes, we talk without even thinking bout the other feelings..
Sometimes we think dat its ok for him to accept what we are told..
But each & every person has a different views and ways of life..

We can't tell ourselves that they r equal to us..
we can't tell ourselves wether they accept what has been told..
But once u know da truth, u got to admit..
Dat's da biggest mistakes u ever made in making friends.

We always tink bout ourselves.. but do we care bout others??
Sharing is caring,
But what is da meaning of caring if u don't know how to care others feeling..
Dat's wat i learn when my friend told me bout my foolishness..
A shame of himself coz of me..
A look of angry to me..
But what can i do??
I Can't turn back da time..

I only can say sorry for the longest time..
But still is it sufficient enough??
Regret is what we get..
But never ever take that lightly again..

A word to myself & all whom we called friends


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