1st Job of 2013

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Assalammualaikum, and hello to the reader's out there!

It's been a while (Not quite a while exactly since last post is on my birth date September last yer) since i wrote on this blog.

Goodbye 2012 & Dozo Yoroshiku 2013!

Actually (The most annoying word voted in the world), what i want to share is my 1st official job as freelance photographer on this very 1st month of the new year.

Thanks to my Matriculation friend, Ili for letting me into this world of photography and picture perfect of wedding. Without her introducing me to be 1 of her wedding photographer with my team, it would be impossible for me to achieve my dream and just stay there in the book shell as a hobby alone.

Although the 1st time being a freelance photographer while still working as an engineer might be hard that take 4 month from September to January to finished the artwork, but finally, Alhamdulillah, this year i managed to make it smoothly.

Let me show you all 1 of my masterpiece as freelance photographer for Ili's wedding

Do you like it???

Well, here i share to you all more of my masterpiece as 1st official wedding photographer job of the year and 1st doing alone without having my team

Maybe by the end of this month, i will finish design my own business card for this part time jobs.

I'm sure some of you might want to know what is the package and how much it cost???

Just browse and see for your eyeview the picture and i will let u know at the end of the post

Is this enough to make you choose me as your wedding photographer??

For more information on what i offer and the package is, kindly refer below

email : gen_k87@yahoo.com
Twitter : @putra87
FB : Putra Khairi Sunbae (Please do introduce yourself if your profile picture is an apple)

See you again in next post for the future month of 2013


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