Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island Review

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Movie : Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island
Date : 17th January 2012 (Premiere Screening) 
Malaysia Release : 19th January 2012
Venue : MBO Subang Parade 
Sponsor : Yes World 
Rating : 4/5


The new 3D family adventure " Journey 2: THe Mysterious Island" begins when seventeen - year - old Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) receives a coded distress signal from a musterious island where no island should exist.

Unable to stop him from tracking the signal to its source, Seans's new stepfather, Hank (Dwayne Johnson), joins the quest that will take them first to the South Pacific, and then to a place few people have ever seen. Or lived to tell about. It's a place of stunning beauty, strange and threatening life forms, volcanoes, mountains of gold and more than one astonishing secret.

Together with Gabato (Luis Guzman), the only helicopter pilot willing to risk the trip, and Gabato's beautiful, strong - willed daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens), they set out to find the island, rescue its lone human inhabitant and escape before seismic shockwaves force the island underwater and bury its treasures forever.

and here, what i have to say about this movie

p/s - Already watched it for 2nd time with 3 of my juniors

My side of story

The story began on a motorbike then suddenly crashing down into a swimming pool after being chased by police. Who are the 1 being chased??? Surely the lead actor of this movie.

N the story then evolved in a house where The Rock tried to be a father to Sean by helping him decipher the code he decoded before being caught by the police. N the code directly bring him to the next discovery.

So what did you get when combining 3 different books from 3 author into 1???

A map and the coordinate to the Mysterious Island from The Guillever's Travel, The Mysterious Island and 20 Thousand League Under The Sea.

So the adventure begin, but with the accompany of Sean to Palau island to find a tour guide that can fly or ship them to the coordinate. With the offer of 1K American Dollar, Gabato took the offer as soon as possible, but her daughter reject and up the offer to 3K and finally the adventure started.

As stated on the book of the mysterious island by the vernian, to enter the island, 1 must enter the type 5 hurricane and they will be automatically brought to the Mysterious Island. And walla!!! Here come the Mysterious Island infront of their eyes.

N wat happen next???

1. The rock is afraid of Lizard that they suddenly encounter a lizard while walking on the egg where Gabato fell on and being chased by it.
2. Sean grandfather came to the rescue of the lizard.
3. They go to the lost city of Atlantis.
4. The Rock tell that the island will submerge in less then 3 days and they need to find a way out of it.
5. Vanessa Hudgens volunteer to go into the tomb of Nemo to get the diary where the ship is located at.
6. The mountain of gold erupted its lava full of gold.
7. They rode on bee's to go to their next pit stop.
8. Bird's chasing them and Sean fell down and his leg injured after saving Vanessa Hudgens.
9. The rock sing a song to Sean and his grandfather to relief the pain on Sean leg.
10. As they woke up from the sleep, the situation got worsen with the water rising and estimated to submerged in several hours or so.
11. Gabato disappear to fulfill her daughter wish to continue study by searching for the gold and found a gold as he fell down but... (Need to see what happen).
12. Kailani and Sean grandfather go together to search for Gabato.
13. Sean and Hank dive in to start the ship but no battery. (See what happen next at cinema).
14. They barely survived the submerge of the island and escaped.

And final of the story

Gabato used the Nautilus as his tour ship, Kailani managed to go into college, and Sean grandfather came to his home on his birthday just to move on to the next adventure.

Anyway, the movie is a fun movie where you can laugh with 1 of the scene seen from the trailer where the rock do the thing with his chest and the comedy fill together with the act of Gabato and The Rock.


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